Will & Mercy Visit Scare-A-Con (Video)


Hello my Devils & Ghouls!

Here is the latest video that my love and I have completed. We uploaded it to my channel as we were having issues uploading it to the Unsuccessful Entertainment Channel! Please stay tuned on both channels for more!

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– Mercy & Will –

Monster Mash


I’m getting my car ready to head down to Scare-A-Con! I’m very excited and can’t wait to attend the V.I.P. Party tonight! *hopes to get lots of autographs & video*

I’m also hoping my trip will be safe and I’ll arrive at the hotel on time so I can get settled get ready and head on to the first day of Con!

Monster Mash on Friday the 13th.

Stay Spooky my friends!

– Mercy Desdemona

Slasher Flicks


Today I want to take the time out to discuss Slasher Flicks and how I see them. So without further adieu, let’s just jump right into the subject matter. Slashed flicks to me are meaningless. I don’t see the point in slasher films what-so-ever. They aren’t even the good form of cheesy and lame (as most 80s films are) and have the same group of people, same story line, and same setting as each other. Of course, different actors/actresses and maybe the setting looks different but really, it’s just the same small town as the other film.

Within Slasher flicks, we get the same group of people as I’ve mentioned before. The slut, The Jock, The Smart One (that no one listens too), The Nerd, The Scared One, The Badass, The Goody-Goody, The Best Friend. (Sorry if I’m missing one)

I think it’s because they make me feel like I’m losing brain cells. What moron would wanna take a shower when they hear a killer is in their small town? That just screams get naked.

I think slashers are just created so teens can have pathetic films on their date nights so they can swap spit and feel badass. But hey, that’s just me.

– Mercy Desdemona