Christmas Evil (1980) Review


Hello Devils & Ghouls,

Today I take a look at Christmas Evil that was created in 1980. It was under the horror section and here is the said description of the film:

Because of a boyhood trauma during Christmas, a man remains slightly obsessed with the holiday for the rest of his life, becoming a toy maker and keeping track of which children are naughty and nice. After learning of his company’s corporate greed he snaps and goes on a killing spree dressed as Santa.

When reading the description, I thought that this would be pretty interesting. Okay, so a guy suffers a boyhood trauma which will make him this eerie creepy guy lurking around town dictating whats naughty or nice and chops off the heads of people. So you go to view the trailer which looks like this:


And then… somehow after seeing that promotional clip…. you somehow manage to get to the full movie. And all I have to say is wow. It’s kinda… weird but it kept your attention – unlike Blood Bride in the previous review. This movie was out there enough to make you wanna go alright… I’ll check out the ending and when you get to the ending you think… Really…. That’s it… that’s what all this is about?

First off: His boyhood “Trauma” isn’t even anything that traumatic unless he had some weird incest love thing for his mom. Sure, seeing your parents grope each other in Christmas attire isn’t pleasing – No one wants to see that, but it won’t exactly make someone become obsessed with Santa Clause, Want to be Santa and kill people… Or watch your brother have a groping session with his wife through their window.

Harry – The character who is the main dude killing people – is a very soft spoken and shy guy. He has an obsession with making toys at the toy factory and gets mad when he’s promoted from the line because he has to be a “suit” and be greedy. This makes him mad and he has these angry twitches before finally going bonkers.

Throughout the movie, it’s hard to keep track of the characters. And it’s kinda weird that you see a little kid cutting nudey pics out of a magazine and this guy just gets obsessed with the kid. And leaves weird mud handprints outside of the kids house.

The killings are so beyond the rank of B-Horror movie that I don’t know what exactly to think. He kills right in front of people and then drives away and the cops still can’t catch him! So he goes to his brothers house ad people go after him with pitchforks and such.

It’s really cheesy but its so cheesy you can’t help but watch this frickin thing.

I rate it: 3 corpse babies.

I say this because even though its crap – it has your attention until the end and you wait to say “I regret putting this on” until AFTER the movie ends. That right there is an accomplishment in itself.

If you’re interested in checking this out, we found the full movie here:



Good day my devils! I’m off to see some live bands play.

– Mercy



Blood Bride (aka. Death of a Nun) 1980 Review


Hello my little devils and creeps.

Today we take a stroll down into 1980 to review Blood Bride (aka. Death of a Nun). I saw this film for the first time yesterday with my love and let’s just say it was odd.

Let’s start off with the description of the movie:

A young Catholic woman can’t wait to get married and finally finds the right man who spends an inordinate amount of time in Church. Little does she know that her Mr. Right has a side to him that is down right evil.

You read the description, and you’re like okay… kinda strange but peaks the curiosity of a strange individual like myself. When reading this description – I thought – Okay, so a woman ands up marrying a serial killer. Sounds a lot like the plots on that Lifetime movie network my dad’s girlfriend watches. But, it’s under the horror section so maybe there will be some “satanic” rituals and all that jazz.

This film is like a cheesy soap opera and doesn’t belong in the horror genre. It is something that belongs on one of those soap t.v. stations. They could have done a lot more with this but they didn’t. [Insert Sigh]

The woman is 26 years old and her parents are pushing her to get married because they keep calling her an old maid. The movie starts off with the woman feeding her dad his breakfast and talking about a crappy date with some fella. Saddened by the fact his daughter didn’t have a good date, he frowns and mumbles some stuff about how she needs to find someone because he doesn’t know what to do with her.

She then heads over to confession to confess that she yearns for love of the flesh and God’s love of her soul isn’t enough.

The woman is a secretary at an office and the fella she marries walks in to have an appointment with her boss. After he leaves her boss’s office she is called in and her boss keeps asking her why she is single and then she meets up with her fella who takes her out on a lunch date where she talks in a run on sentence like the one I just wrote about how her life sucks. 🙂

Okay, so the fella has some creepy fetish for some nun that was around when he was a young boy. There are all these flashbacks of him being a little boy and a beautiful woman and then a nun showing off her legs in a sexual manner. So you know right then and there that this is a plot twist for Lifetime Movie Network (I’m ashamed I know of that network…but it’s all they play in waiting rooms at the doctors.)

Oh, there’s also this weird scene when this woman dresses in a sexy nun costume and he ties her up and stabs her…

The lovebirds wed and on their honeymoon he ditches her to go into his library and think about the nun that gave him a show when he was younger. While the woman is left in her room wondering what’s wrong with her and why her new husband won’t have any sexual manner with her. He locks them away in his country inn and starts to beat her so she tries to get away.

Over all, I rate this movie 2 dead babies since the description of it did lead me to watch it. The movie itself could have been much better. The could have at least… shown more background to the hubby and why he was so damn crazy. There were a lot of things missing with this film. It wasn’t at all attention grabbing while watching it. Several times I got up during it to make food, get a drink, do laundry, and even read a stephen king article. But hey, I guess that’s what you get for a film like this.

It does have a very nice cheese factor to it, so that’s a plus. But it doesn’t have a suspense factor. It’s much like a college kid doing a film project sort of feels.

If you’d like to check out the film, we found it here FULL on youtube:




~ Mercy



We will be having our first broadcast on DissidentOverdriveMetalRadio on U-STREAM soon!

Attention Musicians:


We are currently looking for bands to play at our music festival fundraiser. Our fundraiser will take place on May 18th, 2013 in Northern New York! 

Types of bands we are looking for:

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If you or you know someone who is interested in playing, please contact me at: or on Facebook:

More details will be given out when e-mailed.


Thank you!

Dissident Overdrive Music Festival



Hello Creeps! Here’s an update on my music fest fundraiser. We are currently working on some merchandise while we wait to hear our confirmation from the venues. The artwork above has the cheese factor of every D.I.Y. person and was created by my love.



Me and my love, Will – We’re the founders of this festival that we want to have twice a year. We have locations in Northern and Central New York.

We have a facebook “like” page:

So… here i am… raising funds for my business, attracting investors, and working ever so hard on accomplishing my goals. Funny thing is, my dad has no idea I’m putting this fundraiser together. I wanted to have everything set in stone before we present it to him.

I took charge, and I deliver.

– Mercy & her feline friend: Harrington .T. Catticus


A Day Out & More (Photography & Blog)


Hello Creeps.

I have to say, I’ve enjoyed the somewhat decent weather lately that allows me to go out and about with my love and capture photographs. I have been very stressed lately looking for a co-signer that not only is willing to do such, but also be able to qualify. I’m certain that I have two people available but they are leery about it. Only because of my age. They are flesh and blood, and they are discriminating against my age! I will have it settled promptly though. I have a feeling this snag will be over promptly! And for the better!

My music festival is coming along great! What I hate is that I’m working in a small time frame! I despise working on things in a small time frame because it has to be put together at a quick rate! But, I know I can make this a success. My boyfriend has had experience in creating festivals first hand. So between the two of us, we can make this a reality! This music festival will feature my band, Fatal Fury, as the headliners! It will be our first appearance! Hopefully, we will raise funds and awareness to my ice cream venture! That’s the main reason for this festival! Also, I want to make this festival a Yearly festival sponsored by my ice cream shop! These are my goals and I can assure you I will most definitely achieve them! So far, we have come up with the name: Dissident Overdrive Music Festival. This festival isn’t just a fundraiser, but it helps promote local talents/bands and businesses. It’s about the strength in a community and it is the FIRST festival to ever take place in my area. Talk about pressure to make it great! So far, I have 3 choices for venues that I have to call tomorrow to book the date. Second step, is to pass around the flyers and raise awareness! My heart and soul is going both into this festival and my family’s business. The business will help my family in their successes! Co-signer will happen as I’m offering it as an investment into the company and offer payment for their time as a temporary co-signer. 🙂

Today, my love and I had the pleasure of strolling down the street for some lovely soda pop and took a few pictures. We found some old ruins by one of the cemeteries that we frequent. It was a lovely but FREEZING stroll as we have a winter snow warning in April. (Welcome to New York!) For some reason, when I hear songs with a groovy beat I feel like dancing like the go-go dancers in the 60s. You know, when it was freestyle dancing and not hoochie mc hooch hooch. Anyways, below are some photographs (unedited!) that we took today!

© Mercy Desdemona 2013

© Mercy Desdemona 2013


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