Mystic Land


In the mystic lands.

With food so plenty.

Where mystery creatures,

were once our teachers.

A world where the mind,

was free to fully bloom.

Knowledge was power.

No bias media to consume.

Where has this mystic land gone?

Why was there only one?

Oh where is this mystic land?

Why are we fed the devil’s hand?

The heart & soul had reigned on earth.

The mighty evil powers, struck down by the Gods.

Simplicity based.

Born to strive necessity.

Not luxury.

Where has this mystic land gone?

Why was there only one?

Oh where is this mystic land?

Why are we fed the devil’s hand?

We live in a world where knowledge is terrorism.

A heart the enemy, people roaming hungry.

The creatures are now extinct.

We’re programmed to think.

Where has this mystic land gone?

Why was there only one?

Oh where is this mystic land?

Why are we fed the devil’s hand?

Home is this mystic land.

Where I strive to be.

Oh, take me to this mystic land.

Just please set me free.

Home is this mystic land.

A human being I shall be.

With fields of imagination.

Heaps of creativity.

Where has this mystic land gone?

Why was there only one?

Oh where is this mystic land?

Why are we fed the devil’s hand?

Home is this mystic land.

Please take me home.

Where I can roam free.

I want to go home.

© Mercy Desdemona 2013

A godless socie…


A godless society isn’t the bad one. It’s the emotionless, unimaginative, and robotic society that is the bad. It’s also a danger to humanity.

I was doing some critical thinking with my boyfriend today, and I said this. Thought it would be could to post up. What are your thoughts on the matter? 

I for one believe that mythologies and urban legends were tools to shape us to be caring human beings. That polytheism showed the strength of working in numbers, instead of the a one realm leader dictating all.

I hope when it is my turn to pass on, I will be in the mystic land. My lovely Utopia.

– Mercy

Post-Mortem Photography


What is post-mortem photography?

Post mortem photography is the taking a photo of a loved on. Usually they are propped up to look alive while the family or individuals pose with them or they are given the aspect that they are soundly asleep lost in dream land. According to my research, it was quite popular during the Victorian Era.

Why do it?

A memorial to the loved ones passed.

Is it still around today?

The answer is yes. In a few places around the world this practice is still done today. The popularity however has gone down due to the fact that instead of viewing this as a piece of memory – society has made it into a dark/creepy/serial killer sort of thing. When in reality, that’s not what it is.

My views on Post Mortem Photography:

I don’t have an issue with it. If you take your time to Google images (I wont post them here in case individuals that read this are sensitive to the imagery), you can see how lovely the photographs are. Most of the time you can’t even tell the person is deceased. It’s an art-like way to pay homage to the darling that has passed. It doesn’t make you a sick individual for wanting one last image with your family. Or maybe that’s just me. I think our modern society has the strong ability to take something so human and lovely and make it into something ugly and horrid.

Being Angry


Being an angry person doesn’t make you a hateful individual. I can tell you that from experience. Yes. I am one angry individual. But, it’s only because I know my loved ones aren’t where they want to be. I want them to succeed. I want them to be happy. When they are happy — I am happy. I’m angry because I feel helpless in my current situation. I’m angry because I know I can’t do much – if anything to help the situation. I’m downright angry! But that’s okay. Because soon there will be the light of a full moon. The stars will peek through the night time clouds. And the crickets will chirp their relaxing rhythm and all will be well again.

– Mercy Desdemona

Living in Sin


Hello Creeps. I’m going to take a moment out to discuss why I think people saying “Living in Sin” are full of crap.

My boyfriend and I live together. We aren’t married and we aren’t engaged. We are boyfriend and girlfriend – a serious relationship. Sure, we’re in our early twenties and people see us as too young to know what serious is. But, that isn’t the case. We talk to each other when there is something wrong – like adults would. We don’t just blow up at each other and act like kids. Secondly, we help each other and my family. We contribute to the household and work on obtaining our dream career.

We get crap from religious relatives telling us that we are living in sin. We get watched by them when they are visiting too. Because they think we’re going around trying to get pregnant and be a sinner in our life. We both aren’t religious people. It’s not a sin to live with the person you love. In fact, living together is helping our relationship more than hurting it.

It’s helping us know each other from the inside out. We’re like best friends and boyfriend and girlfriend. There’s nothing wrong with that. The term living in sin is retarded. I personally, don’t think anyone should get married before they are 40. I say this because that is when you are old enough to make that decision. So many people just get married because of a child on the way, to make others happy, or because they are told it’s the “right thing to do”. That’s NOT what marriage should be about. It’s about the affection between two individuals that choose to get married because THEY want too. Not because they are tired of the backlash of “living in sin” people. Because they truly want to combine.

I honestly think marriage isn’t a necessity. If anything, it makes people into actors and actresses. Because they think okay, we’re married life is changing. It’s not different than being faithful to your boyfriend or girlfriend. But because of people’s ideals pushed in our brains we end up becoming the stereotypes (i.e. woman bitches about socks on the floor; man lays on couch and chugs beer.) When in reality, it doesn’t need to be like that. Stop becoming the stereotype. Just because you get married doesn’t mean you have to change who you are. And living in sin doesn’t mean you are going to hell. It means you are being a smart individual. Learning your lover. Working hard at the relationship. It means that you are taking a mature step in your life. You’ve thought out the pros and cons. And are willing to accept the ups and downs. It’s no different than marriage except the fact that you don’t have family members trying to dictate your life becuase they just see your relationship as disposable.

“Living in Sin” doesn’t make you an irresponsible child. Getting married for other people’s reasons and playing house makes you an irresponsible child.

– Mercy Desdemona



You fear what makes you human.

God forbid you shed a tear.

You corporate suited asshole.

I am what you fear.

Forget your words of wisdom.

They only help your pay.

While I drown myself in alcohol.

And deal with self decay.

Never trust a suit.

In a dream pursuit.

They’ll take away your freedom.

Jail your creativity.

Make you an empty shell.

Drenched in paranoia.

You hide behind a desk.

Cry in the fetal position.

Fear what freedom has next.

I refuse to be your corporate bitch.

I refuse to help your gain.

You’re so far from working man’s pain.

Attempt to take my soul.

Attempt to take my heart.

You corporate suited asshole.

I will tear your guts apart.

You fear what makes you human.

You sacrifice yourself.

Hope you OD on anxiety pills.

When you shut your eyes tonight.

Corporations aren’t human.

© Mercy Desdemona 2013

Venting and Longing


This entry is going to be more of a venting entry. Mainly because I’ve been seeping back into my depressive state when I can’t talk to my love. It feels like a true part of me is missing. Together we share every emotion. We can feel what each other feels. I’ve never had anything like this before. And people outside of the relationship say “Just Kids” and all that. But, they don’t see what goes on. No one does. He and I are in our own little world when we’re together and it’s an amazing one.

All I want for the holidays is to be with him by my side and watch all the gory horror films in the world. He’s my best friend and the greatest person I could ever ask for in my life. I just miss talking to my love very much it aches when we have to say good night. I try to keep my mind busy during the day so I don’t have to feel how much I miss him, but I can’t help it. I miss him very much.

My mood is snippy and snarky when I can’t talk to him. My family has even remarked that he and I should just be together soon because really, he makes me so happy. I feel so comfortable, something I’ve never felt before with an individual. I would do anything in this world to make this holiday special for the both of us.

I just want to be in his arms and forget the world around us. And sleep so happy and soundly. Knowing that he’s there.

I love him with my heart and soul. Nothing can change that. I’m proud to be his and smile like an idiot when I think of all the amazing times. He’s simply perfect in my eyes. And the best thing I could ever ask for in my life. He has my full love, support, and care.

– Mercy

Horror Reviews and Top 5’s


Hello creeps. I think I’m going to start doing my horror reviews and top 5 lists (Top 5’s are MY opinion) soon. I think I’m going to start with one of my favorite films and work on from there. If you guys have any suggestion on a horror or thriller you’d like me to review feel free to share. I think what I will do is write a review here for wordpress and then make a video for youtube on a different film. So I do two reviews a week. Sounds pretty decent to me. I enjoy having a lot of projects before me. Keeps me feeling alive. Even though I discuss a lot of dead things.

Thank you everyone for wasting your time with my existence.

I wish you gruesome nightmares.

– Mercy Desdemona.




The dreary day has such beauty.
As the autumn leaves are falling.
A lone wolf howling in the distance.
The crash of the dark ocean waves.
A gentle rain against the windows.
The moon – hauntingly – radiant.
The rumble of a subtle thunder.

Two lovers in a dark embrace.
Stare into each others souls.
Smiles of serenity upon their face.
Getting trapped in the warmth of the embrace.
Drifting to sleep.

Candles flicker. Shadows dance.
The beauty of this gothic romance.

— Mercy Desdemona © 2012 —