Regrets of the Dying


Hello my devils & ghouls.

Today while I was on the dreaded Facebook I came along this picture:


I apologize I forgot the page I found it on!

I apologize I forgot the page I found it on!


This post made me think a lot about what we take for granted in life. We sometimes put too much of ourselves up to please others around us and live the life they want for us (which I’m guilty of). We over work ourselves to satisfy the “keep up with the Jones’s” mentality that we’ve been brainwashed in. We tend not to share our honest feelings due to the overly sensitive society we live in. We ignore our friends and become anti-social. And we also tend to keep ourselves in a mentality that isn’t all to helpful.

This of course, is just my opinion / observation.

I know that when it comes to my time on the death bed, I DONOT want any of the above to be coming out of my lips. I want to share stories of grand times, bad times, accomplishments, and failures. I want to be able to pass on wisdom to whomever will be listening there on my death bed. I want to leave a mark that even though you can be a little wonky in the head, you can make a difference in yourself and those around you.

Just recently, I got a part time job to help the family business. I started to make new friends and even bump into old ones! The reconnection with the old friends made me feel good inside! Even though it’s been a long time, we picked up where we left off.

I started to realize how much I let the anxiety and depression get to me. I am missing out on a lot. For the first time in years, I actually sang and played my bass without any worry if I screwed up or not. Why? Because screw ups will show me what I have to work on. I’m NOT perfect. I’ve tried so long to be perfect in someone else’s image. But I’m not going to do that anymore.

Mercy is just Mercy.

And will always be Mercy.


I don’t want to have any regrets when I’m Dying… How about you?


– Mercy

The Murder of Morty Mouse


The Murder of Morty Mouse

Morty .T. Mouse was found dead today amongst the twigs. Police suspect foul play due to the nature of the body. No one else in the mouse family was harmed. Morty .T. Mouse lived in a hole in the old foundation with his wife and two young children. His wife refuses to comment. Police have no leads to a suspect. For more updates on the Morty Murder Case tune in at 9.

Pray for healing?


Pray for healing?

This is an article that I’ve stumbled upon this calm Wednesday afternoon. This isn’t the first case I’ve heard of this. A couple has lost a 2nd child to the angel of death because they used prayer to heal. Their church has a creepy slogan about using prayer in the name of Jesus to heal rather than seek medical attention.

Now, I’m not a fan of doctors. I think they give you pills just to have you react to the side effects to get on more etc. I am more in natural world remedies UNLESS it is something that actually needs emergency care! 

With this form of religious extremism – It’s quite scary that many innocent lives are taken from this world. 


– Mercy

Dream – Positive Ouija Board & The Stranger – What does it mean?


Hey Creeps. 

Last night, despite my over stressing, I slept very well. Honestly, it may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is to someone that barely sleeps ever. I slept so good and woke up with high spirits! 

My dream: 

In my dream, I started off sitting on my lawn and a stranger came up to me. She was a woman of about 45 and dressed in women’s clothing from 1700s. She smiled at me and took my hand. 

Part One: I was dreaming about the business. I was at a meeting with people I didn’t know. it was some committee and I had to prove that I was worth the risk to loan me business credit. After the meeting, I had a smile on my face and a ouija board popped up in my dream. It kept saying positive messages such as yes, forward, accomplish, and the company of which I’m seeking a loan from. Anyone know what this part means?

Part two: My boyfriend and I were on the road together. In a band with some of his pals he recently re-connected with. We were having a good time. This girl tried to come between us but failed and he kept announcing how we’re together forever. She kept trying because she used to be associated with him in the past but she never succeeded and it all of a sudden started to flash before my eyes. All good memories and events that happen to us in our journey together. Two orbs came out of our bodies and intertwined. What does that mean?

Part 3: The positive ouija board came out again. With words of encouragement. Esther is the woman’s name. She says she’s my spirit guide and but couldn’t speak so she spelled out. She wanted me to feel better and know I’m on the right track. 



– I researched the name Esther circa 1700s… she used to live on my property. One of the first people to be in my town. She claimed in my dream to have been watching me a long time and she will guide the way. 


– What does this dream all mean?!

I have had positive energy and a smile on my face ever since the dream. I couldn’t stop smiling even when I try. What is going on?!



Gods of Metal Tribute


Part of Unsuccessful Entertainment is music. It took my boyfriend and I all night to put this tribute together. These fallen Gods of Metal left an impact on their fans — which their legacy will live on through. Enjoy our Gods of Metal Tribute.

Post-Mortem Photography


What is post-mortem photography?

Post mortem photography is the taking a photo of a loved on. Usually they are propped up to look alive while the family or individuals pose with them or they are given the aspect that they are soundly asleep lost in dream land. According to my research, it was quite popular during the Victorian Era.

Why do it?

A memorial to the loved ones passed.

Is it still around today?

The answer is yes. In a few places around the world this practice is still done today. The popularity however has gone down due to the fact that instead of viewing this as a piece of memory – society has made it into a dark/creepy/serial killer sort of thing. When in reality, that’s not what it is.

My views on Post Mortem Photography:

I don’t have an issue with it. If you take your time to Google images (I wont post them here in case individuals that read this are sensitive to the imagery), you can see how lovely the photographs are. Most of the time you can’t even tell the person is deceased. It’s an art-like way to pay homage to the darling that has passed. It doesn’t make you a sick individual for wanting one last image with your family. Or maybe that’s just me. I think our modern society has the strong ability to take something so human and lovely and make it into something ugly and horrid.