Dear Retired Madame


Dear Retired Madame,


 I’m so glad that you decided to shop at my store. I’ve waited 22 years of my life yearning to be bossed around by your grumpy ass. Why no, I won’t mind dropping everything I’m doing to help you price check and item. No, I am not lifting this heavy fixture, please… take your time shopping,. You make life grand. Please…Interrupt my line of people to bitch at me because I won’t hurry to your side and ignore the transaction I’m in the middle of. Your mother would be proud of your manners. She brought up a nice young lady that grew up to be a miserable ol’ maid with a poorly done dye job and a crappy attitude.

Please, throw your clothing all over my clean counter and act like a total a-hole at the check out. Why yes… I do like hangers in my face.

Dear My Boyfriends Ex


Dear my boyfriends Ex,

It has been brought to my attention that you have made a habit of stalking me around the web ever since he most likely blocked your ass or just doesn’t associate with you. Let me tell you something sweetie, what you two had was BEFORE ME  which is not relevant in the present day. I do not doubt that you guys had some good times together. But I am his girlfriend NOW. I am the one who is there when he’s in pain. I’m the one who was there when ever he needed an ear even before the relationship blossomed. I’m the one who gives him loving hugs and kisses and supports his dreams. I’m the one that’s here to stay. Regardless of what was done with you guys in the past.

– Mercy

Dear USA Government


Dear USA Government,

              I’m sorry but you guys are ridiculous. Stop playing he said/she said and get to work on turning this government thing on. We worker bees are getting a bit fed up with you guys. It must be nice to keep a damn paycheck that’s more than my college education while you put a lot of people in jeopardy not knowing whether they are going to eat, miss a bill, or have lights on in the morning. Maybe if you’d come out of your pompous castle you would see on main street, the beggar, the 40 year old working part- time flipping burgers, the war vets struggling to get by after YOU sent them to fight for this country, The 70 year old man cleaning windows outside of burger king because his wife is in the hospital and needs to pay his bills. The child that goes hungry because it’s parents can’t find a way to feed them unless they have to turn to illegal drug running, and they refuse because they don’t want that lifestyle. The old woman who is in the park homeless, eating bread with the ducks near the pond. The many people in my age group who are willing to work hard and but get turned down for jobs. The small business owner like me, who is struggling to open up and work hard to put food on my table, pay taxes, and my bills.  You guys act like this is a game… but it’s not. You guys are supposed to be the leaders of this nation. The President is supposed to be the father of our country. We are supposed to work together as a NATION and be proud of our country. I’m so ashamed of my government turning it’s back against it’s own people. We’re just dollar signs to you. We’re living, breathing human beings. Who never know when we’re gonna eat. 

I invite you to take a look at main street usa… Where mom and pop shops once filled the towns now all gone…. due to the corporate shops. I invite you to take a look at main street usa…. which looks dead…. we’re the fucking United States of America. There is NO reason we should be in this position… But you guys love the taste of greed… even if it costs a child his life.

Dear Wealthy


Dear Wealthy People, 


                      I feel sorry for you. Thinking that myself and the fellow working class want all your money. We don’t. We don’t want your money nor your sixteen different homes and vacations spots. We don’t want your private jets, and limos. We don’t want your boringly stuffy parties. We just want to live comfortably without debt. We want to be able to keep our homes, and pay our bills. Hell, I don’t have a problem paying bills, if I had the chance to live comfortable and not worry bout how far I can push $45 for the week or month. Your paranoia and greed make you think you have the right to control. You don’t. You’re human beings such as we are. We are just of different classes. You will perish just like we will. And I’m not writing this out of angst. I’m writing this because it’s the damn truth. Enjoy your luxuries – but your luxuries come with people who are fake. While you have to look over your shoulder and be wary about who you talk about, I have true friends there for me. No matter what. I love every aspect of my life. The only thing I ask, is to live comfortably.


– Mercy

Dear Adulthood


Dear Adulthood,


Even as a young child I knew you were going to suck. You’ve taken out every drop of life and motivation I’ve had in me to make me a mundane individual. This has to stop. Even though, I am now a young adult, that does not mean I can just disregard my dreams. My willingness to work hard and my strong heart shall devour you and then spit you out just to devour you again – with a hint of garlic salt added for flavor. I refuse to become the typical mode of an adult. I will be me until death. I’ve never given into peer pressure and I won’t start now! So, adulthood… how do you like dem apples? Can’t you see that I won’t take your shit? Every obstacle you’ve thrown at me way I am overcoming. It may be 10x harder for me than it would be anyone else, but I can’t complain. My appreciation for the world around me and my creativity are my best friends! And even though you try to make me into a “normal” human being, you’ll fail. I will still play with side walk chalk at the age of 22. I will still dance around to the nutcracker suite in my PJs like the 4 year old me. And I will still be a kick ass creative being that you can’t kill! I will accomplish my Artemia series, I will accomplish my music business, I will accomplish it all. Just by being ME! Because being ME is the biggest strength I’ve got.


Suck it adulthood!


– Mercy

“Dear” Series Vlog


Hello my Devils & Ghouls,

I’m pleased to announce my new microphone shall be in possession today when I go to get the mail. So I’ve decided to do a couple “Dear” series blogs on my You Tube channel with audio only until i figure out what’s up on my camera.

I guess… im just doing this to fiddle with the frickin microphone so my love and i can do some cover songs.



Cheers mate!


– Mercy

Dear Kid Down the Street


Dear Kid Down The Street,

I suggest you look both ways before pulling out of your driveway at hyper speed only to get to the stop sign first. Several times, I have almost gotten hit because of your lack of detail that hey, you know what, this is a street, people have to drive here they’ve got places to go, people to see, work to be done. So I’ll be a gentleman and look out for my fellow drivers.

NO! Instead, you’re a frickin ASS almost hitting me! What if someone was walking on the street and you don’t see them?! Or a child is playing in the road?! Seriously… Dude.. I don’t know how you passed that road test.

Get a cup of manners and a slice of reality dear. Becuase if you keep on being a dangerous jackass you may not hurt yourself but you could cause others a lot of pain.

Dear Nosy


Dear Nosy Sir or Madame,

It has come to my attention that you have moved into my life. Even though, I have no idea who you are, you seem to know my life story from A to Z. Good sir or madame, which bills of mine will you take over? Since you want to be so wrapped up into my life – you surely must pay your share of the bills.


I thank you for informing me about me. I never knew many of those things about myself.


– Mercy Desdemona