Don’t Put Your Nose There!


Hello Creeps.

If you haven’t been able to tell by my recent posts, I’m missing my lover very much. You see, we haven’t been able to contact each other as much as we usually do thanks to the people that are trying to be petty. It’s a personal manner so I won’t get into it, but it’s sad that people think a little distance will harm our relationship. We’re a very strong and loving couple that will do anything to make our relationship strong.

Today, I had some outsider of the relationship come to try to cause a ruckus and mark him as a cheater. He and I have been dealing this for the past months we’ve been together because he and I keep our private life, private. We don’t air our private laundry out on social media or use it to get attention like many people our your age do. It’s nothing like that. We’re a serious couple that work together during the ups and downs.

People on the outside have gone as far as stalk our profiles and try to cause issues. Without knowing the full subject manner at hand, you attempt to create drama because you hate you don’t know. Well, guess what darlings… you’ll NEVER know. Because my love and I keep things between us where it belongs.

– Mercy Desdemona