A Visit With the Doctor


Hello Devils & Creeps.

I must say… I think I saw the day that Twilight Zone and all those other shows from the “olden days” were warning about. I had to go to the doctor as I was feeling rather ill and when I got there…. everything was computerized! They no longer use paper and the idiot trying to take my blood pressure was blaming me for it but wasn’t thinking that her machine had a LOW BATTERY symbol flashing practically in her face!

Now… This is NOT how this health shit should work. No no. No sir-ree. I’m not one to go to the doctor that much anyway, but when I do I believe since I lack health insurance and that money is coming out of my tiny pocket that I should be checked out and have these trained professionals do their job. Now, everything is electronic. Which means now I wont trust a doctor under 40 because that means that a majority of the younger ones will most likely pay attention to whatever the hell on that ipad then you the patient that paid for their services.

What happens if there is an issue with all these electronical gizmos?! What happened to learning a craft and using brain power? my doctor visit was 2 minutes long, barely took a look at me and prescribed me medication that I have an ALLERGIC reaction too! THESE PEOPLE CALL THEMSELVES DOCTORS! Maybe if you take the computer out of the damn examniation room and pay attention to why someone is there instead, people may trust you more instead of puking their brains out due to an allergic reaction!


I swear. This technology will be the end of us. -_-

I know what you’re thinking – Mercy put on a tin foil hat – but the thing is… No. I will not do that… if a “trained” professional taking a patients blood pressure can’t even check to make sure the battery level is at 100% on their doo-hickeys than why should I be seen as mad?!

Let’s hope that in my lifetime, I will never require any form of serious surgeries nor pop out any children as I would never wish this electronic age on any child. Children are supposed to laugh, live, learn and be imaginative.

Due to the fact that these cough pills are making me quite drowsy… I’m off.


– Mercy


5 Things Missing in Movies


Dear Creeps,

I think it’s been awhile since I did any sort of thing like this. So here we go. Today we’re going to talk about what I think is missing in films. Ready? Here we go:


  1. Story line:  A good and well thought out story line is needed in anything. It’s pretty much missing from every genre of film except documentary. All you really see now is boobs and how people party to hard. Where are all the good story lines?
  2. Emotion: Emotion is a big one and ties into story line. When the emotion isn’t there, how can the audience get entranced? How can we feel the chills? Or question? Or wonder?
  3. Psychological Touch: This is more towards the horror/mystery genre. We are definitely missing the psychological touch. At the end of said films, I want to actually feel scared. I want to question if it’s reality or fantasy. I want a total mind fuck to be honest!
  4. Scenery: Everything is all computers and HD. The HD ruins the mood for horror films a lot, because there’s no longer rough quality to distort the scenery behind it. Also, with all the special effects, it doesn’t feel like a movie at all, but a video game. Instead of always using Blue for horror, Yellow/orange for adventure, why not use scenery and actually bring the people into the film?
  5. Actors & Actresses: Let’s face it, with the whole over doing special effects thing, people don’t really need to even act anymore. They don’t need to try to tell a story – because it’s not there. They don’t need to show emotion – because it’s not there. All the “movies” really are now are a bunch of pixel effects that look like shit. What happened to actors and actresses? Stunt men?! Where did it all go?!

I hope you enjoyed this list. More to come in a future Unsuccessful Entertainment video.


– Mercy