Where have I Been? *Self Discovery*


Hello dear creeps.

I have missed you and I highly doubt you’ve missed my babble. The time has come for music fest to be just around the corner. We have to fix up some loose ends but that’s about it. Next weekend is the first ever Dissident Overdrive Music Festival! I am also hearing from my funding advisor about my business line of credit within the next 24-48 hours! A lot of anxiety, tears, happiness, and over all stressful schizophrenia has brought me to this point. I really hope I hear grand news after all my hard work. I am really anxious to get my proof of funding to hang up on my wall. 

Now that the music fest is underway, I can concentrate more on the ice cream shop. I have to work on a LOT of things. But it will all be taken care of. My brother has been made financial advisor which I think is appropriate since he is a mathematical genius and I’m mathematically challenged. 

Important things I’ve learned in this long, stressful process:


  • Pride = DAMAGE!: Having pride is a good thing in some cases, but having so much pride that you’re ashamed of asking for help isn’t good. It will make you a very resentful human being with a bunch of stress and anxiety.
  • Be yourself!:  Be 100% you. Don’t bend over backwards and allow people to walk on you. They get angry with you? So what. You’re being yourself and 100% true.
  • Let Go: Let go of any past experiences that may have made you into something your not. Don’t let the past hold you back from having an amazing future.
  • Surround yourself with a good team: Every person has unique strengths. Find their niche and put them in charge of that. A well-oiled machine goes a lot farther than one that sputters!
  • Confidence is key: Honestly, you can do it. Nay-sayers nay-say because they have nothing else to say. So… yeah. Ditch those lousy people and go for it. You life once. It’s better to have tried than wonder “what if”. 


Have a good day creeps.


Blood & guts,


Crowd funding – Contribute Here!


Hello Creeps.

I would like to announce that I now have an indiegogo account to help raise funds for my family’s ice cream shop. Banks were to no avail and now it’s time for me to reach out!

http://igg.me/p/411118/x/2742769 — Here we have my indiegogo account – check it out and spread it around! It is important for me to raise money necessary to open. While the music fest will help in it’s own way, it won’t be enough to open my doors.


Thank you for your time.

– Mercy

Music Festival Fundraiser by Unsuccessful Entertainment


Hey Creeps! The latest video on our YouTube Discussing our music festival fundraiser! All of the proceeds will go towards opening The Igloo Ice Cream Parlor & Eatery!

Bands: We have limited space available!! Please contact us immediately if you’re interested! We are open to many genres as the festival is for all ages!

Dream – Positive Ouija Board & The Stranger – What does it mean?


Hey Creeps. 

Last night, despite my over stressing, I slept very well. Honestly, it may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is to someone that barely sleeps ever. I slept so good and woke up with high spirits! 

My dream: 

In my dream, I started off sitting on my lawn and a stranger came up to me. She was a woman of about 45 and dressed in women’s clothing from 1700s. She smiled at me and took my hand. 

Part One: I was dreaming about the business. I was at a meeting with people I didn’t know. it was some committee and I had to prove that I was worth the risk to loan me business credit. After the meeting, I had a smile on my face and a ouija board popped up in my dream. It kept saying positive messages such as yes, forward, accomplish, and the company of which I’m seeking a loan from. Anyone know what this part means?

Part two: My boyfriend and I were on the road together. In a band with some of his pals he recently re-connected with. We were having a good time. This girl tried to come between us but failed and he kept announcing how we’re together forever. She kept trying because she used to be associated with him in the past but she never succeeded and it all of a sudden started to flash before my eyes. All good memories and events that happen to us in our journey together. Two orbs came out of our bodies and intertwined. What does that mean?

Part 3: The positive ouija board came out again. With words of encouragement. Esther is the woman’s name. She says she’s my spirit guide and but couldn’t speak so she spelled out. She wanted me to feel better and know I’m on the right track. 



– I researched the name Esther circa 1700s… she used to live on my property. One of the first people to be in my town. She claimed in my dream to have been watching me a long time and she will guide the way. 


– What does this dream all mean?!

I have had positive energy and a smile on my face ever since the dream. I couldn’t stop smiling even when I try. What is going on?!



Why I left religion


You were such a good little girl when you were younger! What happened to you?!

– A question I get asked by the religious side of my family every day because I left the religion.

When I was a young girl, I did what I was told. Attended church school, sang in the church choir, acted within the pageants and went to confession. I didn’t feel comfortable with any of it. At a young age, I saw that I didn’t agree with it. For some reason, I saw how people acted. Being the quiet person I am, I’m observant of the people around me. Their behavior and how they treat each other. The same teachers at church school were gossiping and bullying people they called “friends”. They believed they were perfect in the realm of their God.

When I was about 13 or 14, I started questioning their ways. Why are these people treating each other so horrible? Why are they judging people and pushing the bible on people? Wasn’t faith something that people are supposed to find on their own? Why are these people not being accountable for their wrong doing? Why is Satan bad when he’s the angel of individualism?

In high school, I started researching the history of the oh so lovely religion that was being pushed upon me. Paganism was the forefather. And this religion stole from them. Making the pagans seem like horrible people on the planet. I just didn’t understand the hatred coming from this religion.

I’m currently in my early twenties. I don’t know what to call myself when it comes to a religious point. I believe more in nature and pagan mythologies than the bible. I believe in treating others how you want to be treated within this world. I believe in helping others instead of spreading hatred. I may not agree with every view or lifestyle of everyone I meet on the planet, but that’s not a reason to hate someone. It’s lovely to see people stand with their views and lifestyle instead of conforming because of the bible pushers and peers.

As I’ve stated in a previous blog entry, I’m pro-choice to life. Each individual on this planet has a right to feel comfortable with who they are. Those that spread hate and try to be perfect for a dictator in the sky – Are bullies. To quote my recent Facebook status:

The religious people in my family have guts. They claim they’ll help someone because they are a human being, but won’t if the person turns out to be gay. I have friends that are gay or bi, and I hate the disrespect they receive. Since when is who a person loves the decision of the world? How would we like it if we had gays attack us for being straight and calling it wrong or appalling? How would you like to be treated that way? I know I wouldn’t. So why should I treat a fellow human being like an alien because they decide to love the same gender? Logic? I think not. And my religious side of my family still doesn’t see why I won’t join their band wagon. -_- Ha! I’m more generous and kind to others without following “God” than you are following the bible!

I left religion because I saw the hate it brought upon the world. How they want everyone to be the same. I’m a spiritual person. No ones spirit should be bullied in any form by anyone on this planet. People aren’t perfect. We do make mistakes and we can choose to learn from them and become a better human being, or ignore them and fall on our faces. Satan didn’t make us do it. God isn’t punishing us. We as individuals have free will. We made decisions. Some good, some poor. But in the end, it’s what we take from it and what we do with the gained knowledge that shapes us as a human.

I keep getting told because I don’t follow the bible I won’t go to heaven. If heaven is where these group of religious extremists are – I don’t want to be there anyway.

I have friends, customers to the shop, youtube viewers/commenters, of many different religions and views. We can talk like adults and respect each others worlds. We are all human with marvelous brains that get suppressed by extremism. My previous blog discusses how I’m against extremism. I guess, the extremism I was seeing within the religion pushed me away. I didn’t feel at home with following God. I’m not saying all Catholics, Christians etc. are bad. Or whatever religion you are. I left because I can’t stand the hate, the greed, the manipulation.

To hate someone is to negatively care about them. And, I don’t care. Not in a bad way mind you. But, in a manner of — I don’t care if a person is a different color, religious preference, political standing, gay/straight/bi, etc. It’s the person’s CHARACTER that matter.

I left religion because I felt like an outsider that didn’t belong. It didn’t warm my heart nor shape me in anyway. I am now a young woman in my early twenties with a kind heart and generous nature to those in need. When you have nothing as well as others on this planet in the same struggle as you – why would you leave them behind because your “bible” says it’s wrong? I saw many contradictions in that book when I attempted to read it, compared to a book full of pagan views and/or rules (which ever you wish to call them) are more straight forward and to the point. Take account for your wrongdoing. Make things right. etc.

Religious people always tell me to treat others how I want to be treated – yet they spread hate and agony to those that are different from them. I treat them with respect – but get bullied in return. They wonder why I will never pray nor talk religion with them. Why? To get bullied and feel so small in the world? I have learned to choose my battles. You can’t get in through a thick-headed extremist that life is about living as a whole with the world rather than separate, miserable, and manipulated.

– Mercy Desdemona