Classical & Metal – Lovely Relationship


How many times have you heard that metal is “loud noise that’s talentless” ? I’ve heard it a lot. And, yes, the loud tones isn’t for everyone – but to say it’s talentless is quite petty. Today I came across two interesting videos on youtube when I was listening to some Bach on Metal Guitar. Check them out then read my thoughts below:







I don’t find making our forefathers music on electric instruments with a heavy sound is a disgrace. In fact, our “heavy” forefathers are metal for their day! Beethoven would most definitely be a metal artist if we was alive today! Even his “light” music is quite “heavy” on the emotion and playing! I thank the classic era for being one of the greatest fathers of metal! \m/ When I was a small girl, I would listen to classical a lot because my family lives together in one home – which included my grandparents who came here from Germany in 1952. I grew up listening to classical and swing music. As I grew older, I started to find metal. Through a new wave phase when I was a young kid to an Iron Butterfly obsession to only find Peter Steele and Ronnie James Dio to open my eyes to the world of metal. Classical music is what helps me feel and create. Classical music – the elements of it, are what a majority of new “metal” bands are missing. They are missing that OOOMPH to it. The heavy the dark the emotion. Bow down to the forefathers (one of them at least!) of heavy metal! And thank them all in their powdered wig glory. (I should buy one)

– Mercy