Sleepy Hollow 1999 (Review)





The Legend of Sleepy Hollow was one of the first stories I read as a little girl in elementary school. Everyone would grab their necks and hide between the bookshelves of the old school library. The scent of the musty pages as I became fascinated with the tale still lingers in my mind whenever I see Sleepy Hollow. In 1999, Tim Burton brought us Sleepy Hollow and I must say his version is by far the greatest version of this tale by far. Not to mention, that no little tween groups can make it into some lame and idiotic symbol for their angst and emo fandom … *cough cough* Nightmare Before Christmas*.


This was executed perfectly! Totally brought you into the time period of carriages, cobblestone streets, and a corrupt police system relying on Godly confessions instead of doing a full investigation. Ichabod Crane is always portrayed as a weak and silly school teacher, in this version he is a socially awkward, and eccentric constable who is fighting with the police force to start using scientific techniques to catch the true guilty citizens. Ichabod was sent by the judge (Sir Christopher Lee) to go to Sleepy Hollow to investigate the murders that were going on. The greatest thing about this movie is that it is rather dark and mysterious. The history of the families, the twists the turns, the witchcraft, the paranormal — All perfect for horror fanatics.

I’m actually quite addicted to this movie lately. Inspirational on so many levels and had the perfect cast.


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Top 5 things great about this film:

– Time period is LEGIT.

– Perfect cast & believable as characters.

– Mysterious Aura.

– Comical.

– Addictive.


I’m glad there were no musical numbers in the film.

I rate this 10 Dead Babies.


– Mercy Desdemona



HORROR VS: Christopher Lee Vs. Vincent Price


HORROR VS: Christopher Lee Vs. Vincent Price

Welcome to the Unsuccessful Entertainment VS series!
This week, in honor of their birthdays, We have Christopher Lee Vs Vincent Price!

In the comments below, share who you choose and why!

Have a batty day

– Mercy

Life Narrator


What if your life had a narrator – who would be yours and why?

I’ve been having strange dreams lately where my life is narrated and such. Either by a single person or a band playing my life’s soundtrack. So I thought it would be interesting to hear what other people have to say about this question.

My answer would have to be either Christopher Lee or Rod Serling or possibly Vincent Price. As you can see I’m quite indecisive about this. I think if there was some Lee-Serling-Price hyrbid that would be the individual. I like the strong tone of Sir Lee, the calm yet strange tone of Mr. Serling and the unique and eerie tone of Mr. Price. But if I can only choose one – Most likely Mr. Vincent Price. Because as I’m writing this I can hear him narrate my actions in his voice so he wins.

Now, it’s your turn. If you’re someone that happens to stumble upon this post – Who would you want to narrate your life?

– Mercy