The Murder of Morty Mouse


The Murder of Morty Mouse

Morty .T. Mouse was found dead today amongst the twigs. Police suspect foul play due to the nature of the body. No one else in the mouse family was harmed. Morty .T. Mouse lived in a hole in the old foundation with his wife and two young children. His wife refuses to comment. Police have no leads to a suspect. For more updates on the Morty Murder Case tune in at 9.


Dissident Overdrive Music Festival



Hello Creeps! Here’s an update on my music fest fundraiser. We are currently working on some merchandise while we wait to hear our confirmation from the venues. The artwork above has the cheese factor of every D.I.Y. person and was created by my love.



Me and my love, Will – We’re the founders of this festival that we want to have twice a year. We have locations in Northern and Central New York.

We have a facebook “like” page:

So… here i am… raising funds for my business, attracting investors, and working ever so hard on accomplishing my goals. Funny thing is, my dad has no idea I’m putting this fundraiser together. I wanted to have everything set in stone before we present it to him.

I took charge, and I deliver.

– Mercy & her feline friend: Harrington .T. Catticus