Black Friday 2013


Hey creeps & ghouls. 

I have a seasonal position at a department store and I had to work black friday. Needless to say, I am appalled at how society is…. 

How people fought each other over items that are there all the time… and to be honest, the deals aren’t really deals at all. Why do people go through this shit? Why don’t they just say look dude, those retail workers need to be at home during the Holidays! Lets NOT shop! No! they don’t. They don’t give a shit. They would rather fight over a can of frickin peanuts….


People disgust me.


– Mercy


Black Friday – Pathetic


Hello Creeps. Today is Black Friday and I have to say in my 21 years of life — I’ve never understood the full concept of Black Friday. I just got done watching a disturbing video of people at Wal-Mart fighting with each other in a mob over something as meaningless as a smartphone. Now, if it was over food during a disaster, I could understand why people would be fighting tooth and nail for something that is a necessity for ones life and health. I don’t understand the greed and the spoiled nature of people at all. Once you grab that phone off the shelf — It’s obsolete. Was it worth the broken nose and the idiocy? I think not.