Q & A With Mercy


Hello Creeps. Welcome to another Q & A. You guys have sent in questions and here I am to answer them:

What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

– On rainy days, I feel the most creative. I take advantage of that creativity and move forward with my works. Either that or curl up and enjoy some fresh baked foods.

Are you Tattooed? And what is your opinion on Tattoos?

– I currently have zero tattoos but I am yearning to get my first ink! I adore tattoos, when they are done properly. I think sometimes people don’t think before they get one and it turns out a less quality than they expected! Always do your research and take the time to love your design! I also love how tattoos share a person’s journey in their individual spirit!

Do you wear corsets and where do you get them?

– Yes! I do wear corsets. Not only have they helped me with any posture problems but they help me when singing! (Which is hard to attempt in a corset).  I get them at Corset Story (pop it in Google Search!)

How do you feel about the concept of revenge?

– I feel it’s a useless concept. Living out of spite for someone isn’t a way to live. Your life is lovely in it’s own manner – even the bad parts! Stay forth and appreciate the little things.

Do you believe in tarot cards?

– I do believe that Tarot cards are a way of helping you deep think about a current situation in your life. The symbolism in the cards triggers your brain in someway to aid you. I personally, see it as a form of meditation more than anything else. I’ve used tarot readings to aid me in troubles! It has worked.

How do you get over being self conscious?

– It’s hard, but worth it! I think, you naturally get over it when you see that you do have power deep within you. I got to the point where I was fed up pleasing everyone and started going my route.