American Horror Story: Coven (Random Ramblings about it… and spoilers)


Hello my devils and ghouls.

I am an American Horror Story junkie. Pretty much the only show on t.v. besides face off that I actually watch when it comes on. Coven had to be one of the most interesting season of the show yet and I am yearning for more. I have a love/hate relationship with the season finale. I say this because part of me is wanting more but on the other hand — if they dragged it on too much it would be tiresome. So as much as I would love to see more of Cordelia as a supreme, I have to say I’m pleased with the ending. I was angry when Misty Day died. She was my favorite witch and I was hoping as a plot twist that she would be in fact the supreme, but at least it went to Cordelia and not that snotty bitch Madison. I think Misty deserved a spot on Cordelia’s council instead of Queenie. Queenie’s character was rather selfish and had very little group mentality. Zoe was well we didn’t know much about her except for the fact that she’s pretty much a whiny little one. Madison got the fate she deserved. She had to be the most annoying character in the whole story this season but I guess we all need that character to hate in a show. I just thought she deserved to live eternally in hell instead of poor Misty.  😦

I honestly wish I’d have a chance to be even an extra on this show because I think it’s one of the very few horror shows out there that are very well written. I love how the theme changes each season. It is what keeps it interesting for sure! My boyfriend always laughs at me when I get all giddy about this show but hey, I work at a department store not living out my dreams so I live through my favorite characters on t.v. and of course… my favorite ends up in hell… hmmm… hope that’s not my outcome. Anyway, I did think the final few episodes were rather rushed in the story telling. I think that Fiona and Madame Leveau (sp?) should have had more time to be partners and we didn’t hear a lot about the witch hunters part of it. Like, it’s like they knew they weren’t gonna win so lets meet up in an office. Although I did like that part… Gah. Love/hate relationships.


I do admire the show and it’s cast very much. Never dull when I turn this show on. Pleased to hear about a 4th season. Hoping it lasts for a very long time 🙂 I mean come on… if crappy soap operas are STILL around and people are STILL drinking the same glass of wine since 1972 because Herbert’s wife decided to cheat on him while he was in a coma in the the dining room with the pool boy then there is no reason why AHS can’t last a bajillion years.


With that, I’m tired. I’m going to get some shut eye. I miss you guys and will be back with more!