Actions of Others


Have you ever had to suffer the consequences due to an other person’s actions? I have for a majority of my life and I’m getting tired of it. The more I show that I am not the person that did the horrid deeds the more and more I have to pay becuase I am a child of that person. You see creeps – my mother made poor decisions. And didn’t have to pay for her actions whatsoever. After she took off — I HAD to deal with what she created and still do ’til this day even though that was back in 2007! You my lovely Ghouls – For some reason my mother had to go around and ruin my reputation. Claiming I’m just as she when in reality — she doesn’t know me at all. I get the backlash from her actions when I didn’t do anything wrong. I was a kid at the time all this was happening. So how on earth could I cause anything? That’s right I couldn’t!

For so many years I had to put up with bullying, harrassment, and accusations because of the woman that gave birth to me. When will enough be enough?! When will it be her turn to pay for the actions she put forth!?! Why should I be the scapegoat to her madness? I shouldn’t! I had to deal with her drinking, her abuse, and lies for what? So she can have a cheap thrill?

Truth of the matter is – Don’t let this sort of crap get you down. Sure you may need to vent like I did above. But you’re better than the person that caused the ruckus. You’re the champion going after your dreams. You’re the individual that will have life they’ve always wanted. Because you learned how NOT to be in life. There will be days when you ask the ever so popular: “Why Me?!” Truth is, that question will never be answered. That is because there isn’t one. No one knows why you were chosen to go through situations like that. But take the negative to fuel a positive. Take that angst and gear it towards your dream career. Gear it towards productivity. I say this because no matter how much you confront the individual(s) that created a monster for you – They’ll never get it. It’s like talking to a wall. You seriously need to throw out all the fucks you give and head on through. Stand tall and proud. While those individuals will cower and crawl!

Make your mark in this life. Whether it be large or small. Because the one thing you should never have to do is be ashamed of the situations you’ve been through – and most of all you should never be ashamed of who you are!

Blood & Guts (with a hint of wisdom)

– Mercy Desdemona