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We’re happy to announce a new shipment of Factory Sealed albums that will be for sale on our E-Bay shop. Ranging from many genres. We’re looking to restock our store this weekend!!

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– Mercy Desdemona

Unsuccessful Entertainment Talks I.N.C.




This is the latest Album Review from Unsuccessful Entertainment!

This week, we discussed Indestructible Noise Command and their album, The Visitor.

Music Inspiration


Today whilst sitting in my room doing business research I find myself listening to music that I obtained when I was younger that made me feel at home. When I was a small child I had to hide the fact I enjoyed this music from family as a majority of them are very religious and currently see me as the devil’s spawn. These albums lit a fire in my little soul. I would put the headphones on, disappear and listen to them on repeat for hours. These albums are what seduced me into the land of Metal.

– Black Sabbath’s Black Sabbath Album was something my father used to over play a lot. The bass playing is what always grabbed my attention more than anything. The dark riffs, the way it just set me alive was insane! I feel at home with this album. Although, I must admit I’m more of a Dio era Sabbath fan!

– Iron Butterfly. What can I really say about them except that they drew me in and I felt so comfortable I didn’t want to leave. I was definitely drawn to the groove of the bass and the way the keys were played. It caught my attention more than anything. I remember writing many short stories to Iron Butterfly.

– Dio’s Dream Evil album. I found this in a pile of music when going through old things in a garage. I don’t remember if it was a family members garage or not. But I remember getting my hands on it and not wanting to let go. Dio’s voice draws me in and makes me feel like I’m listening to a story. I would go about my day singing along do Dio on walks and while I played.

– CARNIVORE!!!!!! I was definitely a big Carnivore fan and remember being told it was the “devil’s music”. Honestly, This band is fucking amazing! The lyrical content, the bass playing, the vocals, the twists and turns. This is the album when I decided I wanted to pick up bass and vocals.

– Naturally, being a Carnivore fan, I followed Type O Negative which made me feel like I was at home. I felt the music deep within me. I could tell that music was my calling after listening to them. I loved how they are their own. They don’t need to be put in a genre because of all the different elements within them.

– Warlock! I remember stumbling upon Warlock going through more old records and seeing Doro! She showed me that you don’t have to be a slutty bimbo to be an awesome metal chick. You can be yourself, have the balls to be there and not to care what others think. I adore Doro for all that she’s done for Females over the years! \m/ Another Album I used to sing along into a hair brush and make my hair “Doro-fied”.

There are 6 albums that shaped who I am as a person. Enjoy.
Who are some of your Idols? ( Doesn’t need to be music related )

– Mercy Desdemona

Slow, Deep, and Hard – Type O Negative (Recommend)


2:00AM – Can’t sleep worth shit. So why not recommend a favorite album? I can’t guarantee it will be a good one – but give this tired brain a try. I don’t apologize for it sucking. As I’ve warned you BEFOREHAND. You’re the one that kept reading.

Slow, Deep, and Hard was Type O Negative’s first album. The first album of which my tiny child ears fell upon (besides Bloody Kisses) when I was just a small girl. Although this album came out when I was exiting my mother’s birth canal (’91), I can remember being attracted to the sound of the bass and the vocals while I would take my tiny naps. Needless to say my parents had the best nap time music for a child.

I enjoy the dark and dreary album because it talks about real life situations and pain. Something of which is missing in today’s lyrical content. The lyrics reach you at an emotional level causing the brain to function in mysterious ways. Triggering you to think as the music sinks beneath the skin. My favorite song on the album is Der Untermensch due to the fact it talks about all the parasites to society. With the lyrical content full of truth how could you go wrong? The heart wrenching pain of wanting to murder a cheating lover – felt deep to the bone. Relatable on all aspects. Although some people recommend Bloody Kisses or October Rust (I adore all the albums by this band), I would start off with this one. Only because it’s stuck in my head right now.

Take a listen:

Fuck this writing shit.

– Mercy