Dear Adulthood


Dear Adulthood,


Even as a young child I knew you were going to suck. You’ve taken out every drop of life and motivation I’ve had in me to make me a mundane individual. This has to stop. Even though, I am now a young adult, that does not mean I can just disregard my dreams. My willingness to work hard and my strong heart shall devour you and then spit you out just to devour you again – with a hint of garlic salt added for flavor. I refuse to become the typical mode of an adult. I will be me until death. I’ve never given into peer pressure and I won’t start now! So, adulthood… how do you like dem apples? Can’t you see that I won’t take your shit? Every obstacle you’ve thrown at me way I am overcoming. It may be 10x harder for me than it would be anyone else, but I can’t complain. My appreciation for the world around me and my creativity are my best friends! And even though you try to make me into a “normal” human being, you’ll fail. I will still play with side walk chalk at the age of 22. I will still dance around to the nutcracker suite in my PJs like the 4 year old me. And I will still be a kick ass creative being that you can’t kill! I will accomplish my Artemia series, I will accomplish my music business, I will accomplish it all. Just by being ME! Because being ME is the biggest strength I’ve got.


Suck it adulthood!


– Mercy