Dear Scottie Hughes


Dear Scottie Hughes,

I can’t believe you’re even a woman. With your drag queen snicker, I hear you bicker. About Abortion laws. You sit there and say if a woman is raped and aborts the baby, she deserves jail time. How could you be so cruel? Not caring for the woman’s mental state after an attack. It’s a woman’s choice what to do with her body – and you aren’t one to judge. Roe Vs. Wade is an important step in history. Saving women’s lives from black market abortions. Your attitudes towards fellow women, as if they are all below you, as if you’re some sort of “God”.

You and your fellow Tea Party, are nothing but school yard bullies. I admit it is quite scary, how you can roam around freely and not be institutionalized. You bully the public and you stand proud of it. Claim to be following your 10 commandments yet… one is THOU SHALT NOT JUDGE! A golden rule we are taught as small children is: Treat others how you’d like to be treated. So why can’t a group of “adults” (I use that term loosely), follow this childhood rule? Is it really to hard to grasp?

If you don’t like an abortion – Don’t get one.

If you don’t like gay marriage – Don’t have one.

If you don’t like a certain religion – Don’t practice it.

If you don’t like something whatever that maybe – Don’t Do It!

What’s right for you isn’t right for others.

And there are many logical reasons for women getting abortions.

Miss Hughes – Exactly how many unwanted children in foster care are you willing to adopt?

– Mercy



I am against extremism. I have people always asking me why I’m Anti-this and Anti-that. I guess, the best way to say what I am is Anti-Extremism. I don’t like extremists for they are bullies. They push their believes, their views, their life on others. They form groups to spread hate for those that are different, to make them feel superior. These are technically the bullies in high school that never grew up.

I am Pro-Choice pertaining to Life itself. If you don’t believe in abortion, Don’t get one. Don’t take the right away for someone that does believe in it. You want don’t want to marry a same-sex partner? Don’t do it. It’s not your business who people love. Don’t like a person’s religious preference? Don’t follow it, follow yours. As long as an individual isn’t out harming the world, what do we care if someone is gay, straight, pro-choice or pro-life, christian or atheist, republican or democrat, liberal or conservative. Who Cares? I say the biggest terrorist of all to life itself is the power hunger extremists. Ruining this beautiful world for the everyday people. For those that truly can co-exist with others and be civil.

The terrorist isn’t the athiest minding their own business at the dollar store because they don’t believe in God. Nor isn’t it the Muslim woman standing in line infront of you at walmart. Nor the gay guy holding his hands with his man out on the town. Nor the woman that chose abortion instead of adoption.

The terrorist and the threat to society is the EXTREMISTS! Who all want power to control the masses because of their PETTY life! They are people in high school that were in the clicks. Picking on the person minding their own business… becasue they don’t know how to grow. They don’t know how to be a strong willed individual. They have no sense of reality becasue they are trapped in “Days of our lives”.

I’m not against religion, gays, repubs, demos, libs, conservs.

I’m against the people that are bullies to the world. That try to conquer the peaceful people. That try to squash the beauty of free thought. That try to squash a human being for being different.

Differences make this world a beautiful place. We don’t have to hate nor be full of love for one another. But, we could just let people live their lives.

– Mercy