Hello, I’m a person.


Hello Devils and Ghouls.

I’d like to get something off my chest. I’ve grown tired of almost every article I read about a talented person in the media today and have to read “Gay front man/woman of [insert band here] brings out the best in people.” “Gay Athlete wins Gold.” Doesn’t anyone see a problem with this? Now, I’m not against any gay rights. I think people of all orientations should just be treated like a person. I am just sick and tired of having orientations define a person these days. Who cares if the musician or the athlete is Gay or Straight? That shouldn’t be the main focus! It shouldn’t be anyone’s business. I’ve grown tired of this whole thing. I don’t care what orientation you are. There are amazing people and assholes in all forms!  We’re all amazing people in our own way! With our own strengths, weaknesses and accomplishments. I for one don’t think someone’s orientation should out shadow their accomplishments in life. Do we just add the orientation factor in headlines to make it some “juicy tabloid” topic? Attention grabber? I’m not quite sure. But I personally don’t care what you do in your bedroom, who you love, as long as you’re a happy person.

– Mercy Desdemona

Why I left religion


You were such a good little girl when you were younger! What happened to you?!

– A question I get asked by the religious side of my family every day because I left the religion.

When I was a young girl, I did what I was told. Attended church school, sang in the church choir, acted within the pageants and went to confession. I didn’t feel comfortable with any of it. At a young age, I saw that I didn’t agree with it. For some reason, I saw how people acted. Being the quiet person I am, I’m observant of the people around me. Their behavior and how they treat each other. The same teachers at church school were gossiping and bullying people they called “friends”. They believed they were perfect in the realm of their God.

When I was about 13 or 14, I started questioning their ways. Why are these people treating each other so horrible? Why are they judging people and pushing the bible on people? Wasn’t faith something that people are supposed to find on their own? Why are these people not being accountable for their wrong doing? Why is Satan bad when he’s the angel of individualism?

In high school, I started researching the history of the oh so lovely religion that was being pushed upon me. Paganism was the forefather. And this religion stole from them. Making the pagans seem like horrible people on the planet. I just didn’t understand the hatred coming from this religion.

I’m currently in my early twenties. I don’t know what to call myself when it comes to a religious point. I believe more in nature and pagan mythologies than the bible. I believe in treating others how you want to be treated within this world. I believe in helping others instead of spreading hatred. I may not agree with every view or lifestyle of everyone I meet on the planet, but that’s not a reason to hate someone. It’s lovely to see people stand with their views and lifestyle instead of conforming because of the bible pushers and peers.

As I’ve stated in a previous blog entry, I’m pro-choice to life. Each individual on this planet has a right to feel comfortable with who they are. Those that spread hate and try to be perfect for a dictator in the sky – Are bullies. To quote my recent Facebook status:

The religious people in my family have guts. They claim they’ll help someone because they are a human being, but won’t if the person turns out to be gay. I have friends that are gay or bi, and I hate the disrespect they receive. Since when is who a person loves the decision of the world? How would we like it if we had gays attack us for being straight and calling it wrong or appalling? How would you like to be treated that way? I know I wouldn’t. So why should I treat a fellow human being like an alien because they decide to love the same gender? Logic? I think not. And my religious side of my family still doesn’t see why I won’t join their band wagon. -_- Ha! I’m more generous and kind to others without following “God” than you are following the bible!

I left religion because I saw the hate it brought upon the world. How they want everyone to be the same. I’m a spiritual person. No ones spirit should be bullied in any form by anyone on this planet. People aren’t perfect. We do make mistakes and we can choose to learn from them and become a better human being, or ignore them and fall on our faces. Satan didn’t make us do it. God isn’t punishing us. We as individuals have free will. We made decisions. Some good, some poor. But in the end, it’s what we take from it and what we do with the gained knowledge that shapes us as a human.

I keep getting told because I don’t follow the bible I won’t go to heaven. If heaven is where these group of religious extremists are – I don’t want to be there anyway.

I have friends, customers to the shop, youtube viewers/commenters, of many different religions and views. We can talk like adults and respect each others worlds. We are all human with marvelous brains that get suppressed by extremism. My previous blog discusses how I’m against extremism. I guess, the extremism I was seeing within the religion pushed me away. I didn’t feel at home with following God. I’m not saying all Catholics, Christians etc. are bad. Or whatever religion you are. I left because I can’t stand the hate, the greed, the manipulation.

To hate someone is to negatively care about them. And, I don’t care. Not in a bad way mind you. But, in a manner of — I don’t care if a person is a different color, religious preference, political standing, gay/straight/bi, etc. It’s the person’s CHARACTER that matter.

I left religion because I felt like an outsider that didn’t belong. It didn’t warm my heart nor shape me in anyway. I am now a young woman in my early twenties with a kind heart and generous nature to those in need. When you have nothing as well as others on this planet in the same struggle as you – why would you leave them behind because your “bible” says it’s wrong? I saw many contradictions in that book when I attempted to read it, compared to a book full of pagan views and/or rules (which ever you wish to call them) are more straight forward and to the point. Take account for your wrongdoing. Make things right. etc.

Religious people always tell me to treat others how I want to be treated – yet they spread hate and agony to those that are different from them. I treat them with respect – but get bullied in return. They wonder why I will never pray nor talk religion with them. Why? To get bullied and feel so small in the world? I have learned to choose my battles. You can’t get in through a thick-headed extremist that life is about living as a whole with the world rather than separate, miserable, and manipulated.

– Mercy Desdemona



I am against extremism. I have people always asking me why I’m Anti-this and Anti-that. I guess, the best way to say what I am is Anti-Extremism. I don’t like extremists for they are bullies. They push their believes, their views, their life on others. They form groups to spread hate for those that are different, to make them feel superior. These are technically the bullies in high school that never grew up.

I am Pro-Choice pertaining to Life itself. If you don’t believe in abortion, Don’t get one. Don’t take the right away for someone that does believe in it. You want don’t want to marry a same-sex partner? Don’t do it. It’s not your business who people love. Don’t like a person’s religious preference? Don’t follow it, follow yours. As long as an individual isn’t out harming the world, what do we care if someone is gay, straight, pro-choice or pro-life, christian or atheist, republican or democrat, liberal or conservative. Who Cares? I say the biggest terrorist of all to life itself is the power hunger extremists. Ruining this beautiful world for the everyday people. For those that truly can co-exist with others and be civil.

The terrorist isn’t the athiest minding their own business at the dollar store because they don’t believe in God. Nor isn’t it the Muslim woman standing in line infront of you at walmart. Nor the gay guy holding his hands with his man out on the town. Nor the woman that chose abortion instead of adoption.

The terrorist and the threat to society is the EXTREMISTS! Who all want power to control the masses because of their PETTY life! They are people in high school that were in the clicks. Picking on the person minding their own business… becasue they don’t know how to grow. They don’t know how to be a strong willed individual. They have no sense of reality becasue they are trapped in “Days of our lives”.

I’m not against religion, gays, repubs, demos, libs, conservs.

I’m against the people that are bullies to the world. That try to conquer the peaceful people. That try to squash the beauty of free thought. That try to squash a human being for being different.

Differences make this world a beautiful place. We don’t have to hate nor be full of love for one another. But, we could just let people live their lives.

– Mercy

Views by Mercy – God or Gods?


Hello Creeps.

I am not a religious person. I tend to try to stay away from the subject because I think it a private matter concerning the person and it’s followers. But, I was currently asked a creeper question. Here is the question:

Mercy – Do you believe in one God or Gods?

I am against believing in one God. I say this because we are taught since we are young children that we need to work together for the harmony of the universe. If I had to choose I would definitely go with polytheism. I don’t understand why it’s so easy for people to believe in one ruler instead of many Gods/Goddesses that run this universe together. I believe that each section of the universe is ran by a god or goddess. I think each one is of importance to keep the harmony on earth. But the reason there isn’t harmony is because people ignore the Gods/Goddesses which is seen as a form of disrespect. I think if we took a look at polytheism instead of monotheism we wouldn’t have as much trouble getting people to work together as we do know. I have very religious relatives that follow the word of God and they have to be quite selfish. They expect people to treat them on a pedistal because they believe in God. I think monotheism drives people apart more than together.

If you have a question you’d like me or my boyfriend to answer, leave it in the comments below.

– Mercy

Creative Minds – “Stop being such a child”


Good Evening my creeps.

I would like to take a moment out to discuss one of my biggest pet peeves. When I use my creativity I get told “Stop being such a child.” As if it’s a bad thing to be a creative person within the world. You see, being creative and having an imagination as an adult doesn’t make you less of an adult — it makes you a more successful one. Those “adults” that go around telling the creative people to “stop being such a child” are actually the children. They go through life playing house and doing what they are told they should be doing as an individual their age should be doing.

Without creative people we wouldn’t have technology, advances in life, entertainment, books, music, etc. We would all be bland and boring walking around talking like Charlie Brown’s teacher and hopped up on pills. At 21, I’ve learned a lot from the adults around me. They always tell me the same thing: “Don’t live for others” “Don’t do what I did” “Don’t loose heart” And, it made me realize it’s because they wish they could re-live their youth and do things differently. The shell ages and grows cold. But the soul lasts forever.

Blood & guts

Mercy Desdemona

“Liberal/conservative” agendas – you’re full of it


I don’t like to talk politics. Only because it’s one sure way to raise someone’s blood pressure into hysteria. I also DONOT CLAIM to be any form of professional in the political field. As all I do during these sort of talks is listen to people and research here and there and gather thoughts into my own head for my opinion.

For people that say “that damn conservative agenda” or “that damn liberal agenda” I believe you are basically well to put it straight forward full of shit. There may have been a time in history when each wing was DIFFERENT and had good ideals. But what we have today is THE SAME PARTY only keeping the ILLUSION of a DIFFERENCE to keep people divided and conquered.

It would be better if the people would see that and we could actually move forward in life. To repeat history is completely idiotic. Definition of insanity: Repeating the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

So why is it that we’re all insane?

Why is it that those that see this between the lines are seen as people who are mentally ill?

Simple answer. Because we still believe in Right Vs Left. We don’t want to see that it’s the same bull and come together to make a change. Because we’re idiots. Humans are complete idiots. Especially in today’s society where people need a smart phone to put socks on in the morning.

Well, there’s my political stupidity for the week.
Reviews coming up soon! Thanks for all the new comments and follows.
Appreciated very much!

Blood and Guts,

Mercy Desdemona

P.s. This is just priceless:



Not entirely sure if I discussed my views upon assumptions yet or not. But, I will more in depth within this post. Here is the definition of assumptions:

| Assumptions: A thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof. |

Now, I am a person that hates assumptions. Why waste time assuming when you can just be upfront and know the answer? When you go around assuming — You go around causing useless worry, drama, arguments and more. Have an issue? Confront the person. It’s as simple as that. Confrontation doesn’t always have to be a big blow out. It can be a decent conversation between individuals. But right away, people like to jump the gun.

When assuming you make your life over all more stressful.

Good question.
I don’t know why one would want to add on the stress.

Blood & Guts,

Sick of Divide and Conquer


It seems to me that the end of the world isn’t on the 21st. But, rather we will be gaining a new outlook on life. I’ve heard more Martin Luther King Jr speeches being brought up around. I’ve talked with individuals in my travels and they all say the same thing: “I’m tired of fighting with men and women that are in the same boat as I am.” How much longer can we keep fighting each other for the amusement of the wealthy and powerful?

People say the statement: History Repeats Itself.

But, that’s not all a good thing. It doesn’t have to repeat itself. Many people are talking about a civil war in America. When I asked someone who was for it: “Who would you be shooting?” Their answer was: “Family, friends, anyone.” Now, why on earth would you fight amongst yourselves? I’m sorry but that’s idiotic.

We don’t have to use War as the only way to fix issues. At the risk of sounding like a tree hugger hippy, I’m against the civil war. I don’t see the need for it. It’s playing into the hands of big money and Government.

Just because our ancestors fought constantly doesn’t mean we have to. They had a genuine reason for war. We don’t. The longer we are divided and conquered the more pain and agony we’ll go through. We allowed to become divided. They’ve conquered and now we have the nerve to blame ethnic groups, religious groups, races etc. for the issue. When the issue itself is people. EVERYONE allowing hatred to spread. No, you won’t get along with everyone. But if you don’t like em, just leave them alone.

I think people get along much better without the influence of media – which is supposed to give us facts but thats no longer the case.

Enough power to the people from me.

This is poorly written due to my over tired nature.

My apologies.

Blood & Guts.
† Mercy Desdemona †

† 12-21-12 †


Dear Creeps,

Tomorrow is supposedly doomsday for us all. Them Mayans. How many are left on this planet? Why don’t we go knock on their door and ask them about this? That’s right. Because they couldn’t even predict their own demise.

Doomsday. It’s kind of interesting how people go through life claiming certain days as DOOMSDAY and it NEVER happens. Isn’t the definition of insanity repeating the same thing and expecting a diff. result? Or something along those lines?

Religious nuts are the most depressive people I’ve ever met. They knock on your door – “Do you have five minutes of your time to talk about jesus?” – No not really, but entertain me. – “If you don’t follow him you’ll die and burn in hell 😀 ” – Slam door.- That was enlightening. It seems the more the religious nuts roam free the more Doom and gloom is passed around.

Would it be all that bad if the world did just end? I think not. And if it were to occur, We can’t do anything to stop it.

So shut up, grab a drink, have a BBQ and celebrate the 21st. And if you’d like, I’ll post a link to my live show tomorrow where my friend Luna and I are going to be celebrating national crazy day 🙂

Blood & Guts

Mercy †

People & Tragedies


I’m going to touch upon a sensitive subject today. My heart goes out to anyone who has lost their lives due to a gunman or any other form of tragedy. But I honestly think what I have to say here needs to be said.

I see people everywhere claiming that the tragedies in this world happen because God isn’t taught in schools and then I hear the argument that If God exists why did he let this happen? The answer is simple. Your faith has nothing to do with tragedies that happen in life. You are using your faith or belief systems as a scapegoat because we have no one but to blame but humanity itself.

Why do I say blame humanity? Because we are the cause of all the hatred and destruction. Life isn’t all roses and sunshine. There is a dark side to it that we ignore. We don’t like to take account for our dark and cruel actions. Yes, there are people out there that do sick things. But using your faith as a scapegoat when it happens isn’t right. Just acknowledge the truth before us that yes, there are some people out there that our monsters.

What I also don’t understand is how we Negatively idolize the people that cause tragedies. Look at all those notorious serial killers: Ed Geine, Ted Bundy, Charlie Manson. We all know who these people are. And they have documentaries made about them. They get fame for being a cruel human being! Wouldn’t it make more sense for the fire figthers that risk their lives to get more attention? Or people feeding the hungry? Maybe then those type of people would be seen as role models instead of serial killers.

We have no one to blame but ourselves. It’s not because of the lack of God… because haven’t you seen those religious nuts out there … Killing in the name of God?! It has to do with a twisted society that gives a sick negative idolization towards those that cause pain and heartache.