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This is little me. With my lego guitar to the real thing. Funny thing is... I'm a bassist and can't stand guitar

This is little me. With my lego guitar to the real thing. Funny thing is… I’m a bassist and can’t stand guitar


Well as you creeps know, I’m Mercy. I’m the contributor of this blog as well as my boyfriend and our cat Harold. I’m a musician, writer, and hobbyist photographer. I am addicted to Dr. Pepper at the rate of risking my health. I enjoy classic horror, vintage photographs, and urban exploration. I use natural cures when sick and feel much better than when I get pharmaceutical methods. (No, I’m not talking weed.) If you’d like to see some home methods click this link:¬†

I do not believe in organized religion. I think it’s just a clique, and believe more in spirituality within the unknown. I am Anti-Extremist and Anti- Tea Party. I am for human rights – meaning gays included because really, why is it our business if they want to marry? It’s not. I am for the Constitution of the United States. I do believe in having a gun because honestly, the cops don’t come until they are good and ready. It should be for hunting and protection. I am a brutally honest person and headstrong to the point people are surprised by my efforts. Quiet and observant by nature.

It’s nice to meet you creeps.


~ Mercy

Upcoming for Unsuccessful Entertainment


Dearest Creeps – This blog is just an update on upcoming projects for our Youtube page linked below:

Unsuccessful Youtube

Rough Schedule:

– Horror Reviews – EVERY SATURDAY
– Original Vs. Remake – EVERY WEDNESDAY (day pending)
– Album Reviews – EVERY FRIDAY (day pending)
– LIVE Ustream once a month.
– Original films and music.

We’re working hard on our epic content for no ones pleasure.

As always, thanks for wasting time with our existence!
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– Unsuccessful Entertainment

Unsuccessful Entertainment: Winterbeast (1991) Review


This weeks Unsuccessful Entertainment review! Join us tonight at 11 PM Eastern to watch a film and hang out!

What is Unsuccessful Entertainment?
Basically a bf/gf team that makes crappy videos for your entertainment.

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