6 Horror Films I Hate to Love


Good evening my pets. ‘Tis February which means its time for everyone to rant about their relationship hell on social media. My tribute to the month of love is a list of films I hate to Love. Enjoy. Xoxo – Mercy



Things – a b-movie from Canada that has a weird cult following. This movie is full of non-sense dialogue, lots of booze, and a moth sandwhich. The special effects are cheese to the maximum which makes it all better. Rating: 10/10 Corpses



The Last Horror Film – a film full of mindf*cks. You follow this man who lives with his mom on an eerie adventure. He is a crazed fan of an actress and really wanta her in his movie. Rating: 9/10 Corpses



Winterbeast – claymation monsters, a weird script, filming done in different decades, and characters that don’t make sense. I absolutely love this movie for it’s oddities!! Recommended for those that love nonsense. Rating: 10/10 Corpses



Evil Spawn – an actress hates that she is getting older and not getting any roles. Her hubby is out and about sleazing with younger ladies. In her midlife crisis, she agrees to take these injections which do make her more vibrant yet make her a monster! Rating: 8/10 Corpses



Scared to Death – picture Halloween except for Michael Meyers chasing people, it’s a weird military soldier thingy created by science. Love the cheese. 8/10 Corpses



Syngenor – syngenor creature from Scared to Death. A woman’s uncle is murdered by one. She is accompanied by a reporter to find the truth. David Gale plays an epic corporate psycho!! Rating: 9/10 Corpses