Paranormal Experiences


Hello my devils & ghouls.


There is always that debate whether ghosts are real or if there is a scientific explanation for everything. I for one, thing that a paranormal experience needs to be just that – experienced – before you can decipher. I have been dealing with paranormal experiences since I was a little kid. Today, I’m going to discuss a spirit in my house and the two rooms I call “Forbidden Rooms” because I don’t go in them due to how uncomfortable I feel. Not in the evil and afraid sense, but the sense that someone or something is constantly watching you.

In my house, my grandmother has two rooms for when she comes to visit. They include a bedroom and a small living room. She likes to call it “Grandmother’s Space.” Currently, my grandmother has returned to her home out of state and her rooms are empty. In her bedroom, she has a lot of religious artifacts up on her wall. Which, I don’t like at all. They feel like they are judging you even if you are doing something great for the family. In this room, she does not have any form of technology that could cause this – just an old fashioned alarm clock that doesn’t have the red digital numbers – and her clothing. At night, you can see a red orb existing in front of her calendar. It does not move.  The room gets cold at all times.

Her living room however, the temperature fluctuates — from a eerie cold to an eerie hot to normal and then back to the cold and hot. 3 people that have stayed in that room have reported a shadow walking passed the television. All three times, no one has been near the room nor was the television on. I decided to take a look at it myself. I have witnessed the temperature changes and the shadow figure walking by. It does not become bothersome. Just as if it’s doing an every day routine. The only eerie thing about the room is how you feel like you’re being watched. You feel and know that you aren’t alone.

My family has a lot of skeptics in it. Which is confusing since they’ll believe a man survived in a whale and Jesus came back to life but they won’t believe in the spirit realm. When I am home alone, you can hear footsteps of heavy boots and the steps of what seems to be a female in dress shoes. In my laundry room, I have seen a man walking through the hallway – seem to be wearing a very high class fashion, cape;cane;top hat;suit-  as if he’s going to a theater.


Sometimes… I wonder if these ghosts are here trying to show me how to succeed in my current path.



– Mercy desdemona


Spirit Stories

Me in a graveyard circa 2006.

Me in a graveyard circa 2006.

I have always been fond of cemeteries. When I was old enough to take walks by myself, I would start to take walks to different cemeteries in my area. As I got older and received a license, I would travel to cemeteries in different towns around me.

Me in a cemetery circa 2012.

Me in a cemetery circa 2012.

These places are like parks to me. I would sit down and read before long I would start taking photographs and started to write. This is when things got a little weird. I’ve always been one that believes in the spirit world as you have read by other posts on my blog, (and if you’re a first time creeper, well now you know), my first experience with the strange is when I was still in high school. I went for my usual walk to a local cemetery notebook in hand. My attention was immediately drawn to this a particular grave. It was a grave of a young woman who died in 1920s. I sat upon the grave and started to write. It was like instant inspiration. I looked over the story and saw that it was about a woman in the 1920s who met her demise by falling out of a building and into the river below. I didn’t take this so seriously. When I write, I usually write and go with it. Not thinking twice about it. When I took it to school, I had my friends take a look at it. They looked at me quite funny after reading it and said that it sounded like something from the news. I thought they were picking on me because I told them I was hanging around the cemetery and they would never do as such.

What I did was go to the library and searched the young woman’s name and the situation that was in my story. It turns out the young woman who I was “sitting” with actually did die the same way that was written in my story! I went back to the cemetery and felt a pull to a different grave site. This one was of a man who had died of natural causes but regretted not seeing his wife one last time before his demise. I went to my friends with the story. One of them started to tear up and tell me how that was their grandfather and that he didn’t get to see his wife again because she died the same night while away.

It wasn’t just cemeteries that would have this connection with me. Abandoned places as well. I started to take a notebook everywhere. Lyrics/poetry would come out. I took it as nothing more than these places inspiring me. Whether I have the gift of being a medium or not, I honestly don’t know. But the writings matching with up with events of the people that had perished were too perfect.

I know that there are spirits in my home besides my visit from grandpa. I hear a tiny girl in my bedroom, her name is Lisa. The land of which my house sits used to belong to her family in the 1700s. I started researching my own property and found out that my writings have told the stories of those passed. It first alerted me when I was writing about things I didn’t have a great knowledge about, speaking in old mannerisms, and feeling like I was taken back to the place this all happened. Could this be the spirits trying to share their life with me? Or perhaps wanting a few last words before crossing over? Do they just want me to listen? Questions that will never be answered I suppose.

= Mercy Desdemona

A Visit From Grandpa


In 2005 my grandfather had passed away due to a heart attack. I am one that believes in the spirit world because the world isn’t all found out. We don’t know every nook and cranny. There are sometimes I can hear him faintly call me by a childhood nickname. He was the only one that knew that nickname too. And sometimes I can feel that he’s watching me attempt to accomplish tasks I find really difficult. This isn’t the first time I received a visit from grandpa.

Grandpa had visited me the night he died. It was before the phone rang for us to hear the news of his passing. The cookie tin where he and I would snitch late night cookies would be opened without anyone present. When I went to fix it, I felt a tap on my shoulder and the phone rang. It was my aunt delivering us the news that he had passed on.

He can be seen sometimes in the rear view mirror of my car. I could be going around my business and catch a glimpse of him. I keep telling my grandma, grandpa’s outer shell died, but his soul lives on forever.

– Mercy

Vampires – Why I’m attracted.


I have been a fan of vampire folklore since I was a small girl. Something about the humanity of the mythical being intrigued me at such a young age, as I grew older I would start to read more into the many folklore out there and interview people that call themselves vampires. I’m not attracted to the blood and gore of such a character — but the romance and the humanity within it.

A vampire character is closer to the human heart than any other mythical being I’ve ever come across to research. I strongly believe this because we wish we could have all the time in the world to stay young and go about our travels without a care in the world! Oh that is just one of the greatest things isn’t it? The thought of immortality and eternal youth! What more could a human possibly dream of?

The vampire snaps us humans out of that fantasy. It shows us the reality of dealing with eternal youth and immortality. I honestly, feel a connection to the character. Twists my brain into deep thought and my emotions pulse through my veins as I evaluate my own life choices and decisions.

Maybe I’m just some nerd that looks too deep within the surface of a mythical being.

Who knows.

Blood & Guts

Mercy Desdemona

Ouija Boards: Game or Real?


I’ve always had a fascination with learning about the darker side of the world. Ever since I was a wee-little girl, I was writing lyrics about ghouls and goblins only to grow up to be the “weird kid” in school and basically in life. When it comes to the paranormal I always run into three types of people. 1 – The Believer 2 – The Fraudulent Skeptic 3 – The Skeptic. I say these three types of people because I always have believers that tell me about the ouija board. They treat it with respect and as a form of communication. The fraudulent skeptic is usually (at least in my eyes) the person that says “It’s just a game!” but when the board is out they freak out. And then they’re are the true skeptics that say “It’s just a game and your imagination.” While I respect all 3 types of people for their input on this matter and enjoy hearing views from all sides — I have to go with the side of the believer.

I say this because I’ve had experiences with the paranormal. I see the board as a good tool to talk with passed lives. But, I also realize that there can be danger. Just like with most things in life – You can go for a walk because its good and healthy yet you have the danger of getting hit by a car. Now, I know some people will say — “The supernatural is more dangerous than that.”

I’ve been told to treat the board with respect and use safety (candles, prayers, spells, etc) and you’ll be fine. I’ve only used the board twice. Both times with someone that knew what she was doing. But I can’t help but wonder what others think… Real or Fake?