I am back my marvelous stalkers! It has been an interesting three years without the internet. I did a lot of soul searching and found myself. I have lost and gained people in my life. I couldn’t be anymore content. I am pleased to announce my return to blogging. I’m thinking of posting a review once a week and start up my interviews again.

I really missed blogging and doing reviews. I have started a band called Murder Tramp. We are working on a couple covers to see how well we work together before working on some originals. I’m very excited about the project. I am looking forward to doing more photo shoots as well and looking into starting up my own entertainment company.

I will be shooting horror shorts soon! My friends and I will be posting them on my You Tube channel. I’m looking forward to this all.

These past three years have been a test from the universe.

And I’m proud at how strong I am.

  • Mercy

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