2015 Reflections

Hello my darlings. 

I am doing my 2015 reflections now as I have to put it behind me as quick as possible to move on to my new endeavors. I have been through a lot this past year. I almost lost my home and the business. I’ve lost friends and gained some. And, the most heart wrenching was breaking up with my boyfriend of three years.

2015 was turbulent and really put me through test with my depression and anxiety. I felt lower than low and didn’t realize how strong I was until currently. I am happy I got my best friends back. They stuck by me through my mood swings, my rage, and my darkness. I cherish them in every way. They gave me the strength to keep going. And, to them I feel greatful.

My boyfriend and I split ways. As much as I still carry love for him, I know that we aren’t meant to be. After the split, I was torn and depressed as anyone would be. But, now after just one month apart, I feel reborn. Like, I have reached new heights and can achieve my goals. While my ex and I split on bad grounds, I do not wish him pain or troubles. I hope that one day he meets his dreams that he always wanted to achieve. I wish him happiness. Why? Because I’m not an immature lady. He did provide me with years of lovely companionship . Showed me the world and allowed me to grow. For that I thank him.


I have realized that I am capable of reaching anything I wanted to do. I just have been feeling bad for myself. Honestly, yes I battle depression and anxiety. It is hell! But I cannot let it make me want to fade away to dust. I will go forth with strength. I have to. I find doing creative things helps me with my mood swings and the anxiety. So I am dedicating my time to that.


Thank you readers for your patience while I’ve been AWHOL.


  • Mercy

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