Scare – A – Con 2015

Last month I attended Scare-A-Con in Verona, Ny. It was very entertaining. I made a friend with a local artist, interviewed a few famous celebs, got offered a few modeling gigs, and had the best 24th birthday afterwards. I was happy to meet Doug Bradley who was an amazing gentleman who clearly loved his job and answered every question under the sun.  Bill Mosseley was fantastic!! Truly loved being there and spoke to everyone like he’s known them for years!! It’s always good to see that. My favorite table was the Oddities table of course! But I also got to accomplish one thing on my bucket list…. Meet Lloyd Kaufman!! That was amazing to listen to his panel to gain insights on making independent films. 🙂

I did a lot of things this year. I barely remember them because this year was a blur between rushing around and traveling. We stayed at my boyfriend’s sisters house who has a young daughter and the young lady would be up at the crack of dawn. I didn’t get a lot of vampire sleep!!

I am looking forward to next year with the possibility of being a vendor for the con.

I did obtain a lot of goodies! Which is completely fantastic for my collection! I do wish i was able to obtain the Elvira drinkware though… Oh well, next time.

I’m off to rest my loves.

  • Mercy Desdemona

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