August Featured Interview – Cody & Gen

     Hello my little doves. Today I had the opportunity to interview Cody and Gen who caught my attention for their unique positive and inspiring videos on youtube. Cody and I had brief discussions on before conversing on Facebook. Read the short interview below and hopefully next summer I will be making a stop on my travel journey to do an interview in person. – Mercy Desdemona

  • Mercy: How did you decide to make videos ?
  • Cody: There was a series of specific events that had Inspired me which was derived from within myself, surviving a near death experience on few occasions, The greatest influence was from years of research and study of Human nature and philosophy. Also being someone growing up since childhood witnessing only the darkness of humanity through current events of the media and otherwise. I wanted to take this opportunity in order through our videos (Inspiration Project) to dedicate to inspiring the world around us with the help of Gen and I both.
  • Mercy:  How long have you been doing these videos?
  • Cody: I celebrated my one year anniversary on Youtube as of May 27th 2014
  • Mercy: What has the response been towards your videos?
  • Cody: There has been an influx of individuals who have become inspired from our videos in a positive perspective. We have gathered a large amount of support and good faith in our cause and the message we are projecting outwards.
  • Mercy: Has there been anyone who has responded negatively in towards your project ?
  • Cody: There has been a slight handful of few individuals. However we tend to push against the negatives and focus only on the positives.
  • Mercy: What advice could you give someone to keep a positive view?
  • Cody: Always embrace who you are in spite of the currents of the darker oceans and when you should discover the light be a part of it’s collective. Which ultimately meaning much like a tidal wave in an ocean. Darkness is visible anywhere you travel in this world and it manifests. The positives are harder to manage once you find it and even harder to discover it and when you do you have to just be grateful in each day to being alive and be virtuous, everyday is a new chapter in our lives and we have to journey through this life one day at a time.
  • Mercy: What are some subject matters of your videos
  • Cody: The Journey of Consciousness, How to develop who you are as a human being, philosophical, If not that then they range on a variety perspectives. Such as mostly Vlogs, Pranks, Food Reviews, Journal Videos, Perspectives/ Challenges and some other random off the wall videos.
  • Mercy: What I love about your videos is that its 100% true to yourself. Was it hard to allow people into your life through videos? Or did it just come naturally??
  • Cody: Thank you for the kind words and compliment! It actually was not complicated whatsoever to be honest it was something natural. I will say that I will forever be who I am and proud of that. I never known how to be something or someone else besides myself. I adore Individuality and advocate that to others through our videos.
  • Mercy: You’re welcome!! What is your favorite type of videos to make out of all the ones you do?
  • Cody: Gen and I particularly enjoy most of all are Vlogs and Challenges, also the Journal Videos that I write my thoughts on paper and channel them into those videos.
  • Mercy: Does the creation if the videos take awhile to edit?
  • Cody: It all depends on the duration of time with each video. If they are shorter videos the time to edit them takes a lot less, however long the duration of time that exists it’s an obligation and a passion to crafting them into what they are in the end for all to enjoy them and appreciate the values they hold.
  • Mercy: And the final question… What advice can you give aspiring youtubers in being successful?
  • Cody: You should never rush into anything, even considering the material aspects of human nature it’s never worth it. You should follow you’re aspirations and do the very best you could do in this life. Everyday unfolds as another brand new Journey and an endless adventure. We should never consume ourselves in the Fame or Glory and always remember where our hearts and intentions lie it should always reside in the greater good. Our Inspiration Project is dedicated to the cause of mankind…Everyone holds a different purpose. Especially be true to yourself and remain positive. Do videos for the fun and just relax and mediate. When you can’t get up you gotta get up an try. I always tell everyone the greatest success is not measured by the success of materials however you are successful in the good deeds you accomplish in the world and for who you are.

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