Hello, I’m Mercy

Hello. I’m Mercy Desdemona. And, I know a lot of you have known me for a while but to those that are new, Hello. Today, I am going to be answering some emails that I have received while I have been away from the internet. I try to respond to everyone individually however, because I have been away for so long there are just too many emails to respond too. If you have a question for me feel free to email me at: vintagehorrormistress@gmail.com

Q: We know you’re a metal head but do you listen to other music? – Tabby .L.

A: Yes. I love classical, swing music, jazz, 80s new wave, and prog rock.

Q: Why do you always look so miserable? – Jack.R.

A: I suffer from NBF – Natural Bitch Face.

Q: Have you ever met one of us IRL? – Hanna . O.

A: Yes. I have bumped into a few followers at Con. I’m always pleased to see people who follow my dreadful works.

Q: What is your dream vacation? – Rich

A: I’d love to tour the castles of Europe. I’m fascinated more by old buildings than beaches and casinos.

Q: What do you enjoy doing the most?

A:  I enjoy creating things. Writing, music, etc. Being a creative cuckoo.

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