Still Standing By Tony Fields

Hello creeps! My good friend Tony sent in a short-story he is working on! I thought I’d share! xoxo – Mercy

~Still Standing~

By Tony Fields

Los Santos
6:30 Pm

Sarina hid in a condemned apartment complex with her camera in hand as she could see cars pulling up into the parking lot, the evening sun flowed into the room between the wooden boards that covered the windows as dust gently rain down freely occasionally landing on the lens of her camera so she would clean it off with the sleeve of her shirt, the sound of car doors closing and the sound of various men talking abruptly broke the silence.

She peaked through the window and watched as various men exited cars of all types and entered the apartment building across from the one she hid in, an older white-haired man dressed in a suit smoking a cigar exited a black limo, his glasses reflected the sun into her direction temporarily blinding her as she ducked back behind the wall beside the window then picked up her camera and began snapping pictures of the gathering outside, as she rapidly took pictures of the people and cars she heard her phone go off, it made her jump a little fearing she would alert the guys outside she fumbled through the bag she wore in replace of a purse trying to find it until her fingers hit it and she grabbed it then answered it with a whisper

“Hello, I’m a bit busy right now so can it wait?” She said while looking out the window.

“Hey Sarina it’s your manager Brandon…no it can’t wait honestly, I heard you’re doing a story on some of Los Santos crime families and I must warn you….if you get too close to the fire or start uncovering things that can bring down draw attention to some very powerful figures there is little to nothing I can do to ensure your safety so be careful.”

She felt a chill run down her back hearing such a warning from her boss as she started to feel how real the danger was.

She ran her hand through her hair and sighed under her breath then replied

” I’ve covered stories similar to this so don’t worry about me I can handle myself.”

She hung up the phone and took more pictures of the cars and building before getting up and making her way out of the building and down to the pool grounds, she was wearing a white T-shirt that covered her shorts, her white skate type shoes were dirty and some-what damaged from years of abuse from running through muddy yards to hopping fences, she wore a pair of mismatched no-show socks to go with her colorful personality, in her blonde hair she had a streak of pink highlights, needless to say she stuck out and was in a bad part of town at night so it was time to get to the bus station and soon.

As Sarina walked through the streets she took notice of a couple guys who had been following her for the past 20 minutes so she began walking faster and cutting through yards but they continued trailing her until a velvet colored SUV came around the corner and occupants inside began shooting a the two guys, she screamed as she dove behind a gas station as more shots rang out and finally the SUV sped off and the two guys who had been following her laid motionless in a puddle of blood and chunks of pink flesh.

She stared wide-eyed at the bodies as sirens rang out in the distance, she began to breathe rapidly and sob realizing those two were dead, she took off running and didn’t stop until she was near familiar territory.

(To be continued)


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