I get asked about my thoughts on relationships alot. And, although I’m moving my blog in a more Entertainment direction, I will still gladly answer any questions and post my views here and there.

My thing about relationships is brutal honesty. If you cant be hardcore honest with the person, then that person isn’t for you. You shouldn’t feel down about yourself or feel like youre in a competition.

You should literally feel radiant about yourself. Because you know your loved one loves your positives and negatives.

You have to communicate. You cant live in seperate worlds. It defeats the purpose of being together. Of course, you will need alone time to miss each other. However, you needn’t be so separate that you never talk.

You should never treat someone the same way you treat your lover. If thats the case, then the bond between the two of you in my eyes, isnt as sacred and special.

These are just my views. Answering Meghan’s question. ” What is your view on relationships?”


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