Scare-A-Con 2014

This post is long over due. However, I haven’t had internet at home and today I’m soaking up the library Wifi. What can I say about Scare-A-Con this year?? I do have to say it was ten times more fun this time around than last year!! I felt so in my element and had one of the best birthdays in the world.

My highlights:

  • Getting to talk to George Kasana  and John Russo of Night of the Living Dead. By far the best 45 min. conversation I had there. A lot of work went into that film that doesn’t seem like that big of a deal now. I got to talk to them about production and what a headache it was to get the film put together. Facts: The beginning of the film was shot last, the film was shot during different seasons of the year because the actors/actresses had to be in different places, everyone had to work together to get the film made.You can tell these two men loved their craft and are proud of their work. Which is missing from a lot of people today. Thanks for the talk fellas.
  • Talking to Felissa Rose about bra problems. I don’t think I’ve made anyone laugh that hard! But underwire makes the convention room soooo much more chillier. – Ladies… I’m serious.
  • Meeting Robert Z’Dar and having him talk to my boyfriend about Maniac Cop and having them make me watch it so I could get the references they were talking too.
  • Meeting some horror pinups that truly love their craft. It was great talking about freakshows with them! The world needs more freakshows!
  • Speaking with Jennifer Lynn Warren of AHS:Coven. It was awesome to talk with her. She does her own stunts and yes everyone, Kathy Bates is as insane in real life as she is on screen!! But she’s sweet as pie to work with. She gave us some insights on the effects and I would love to chat with her again some time!
  • Ted Raimi and my boyfriend had to be the most interesting looking meet and great in the whole place. They were both talking at the same time yet managed to have a conversation. Haha! Most relaxed dude in the world. If you ever get the chance to say hi to him, do it!
  • Telling Chris Sarandon where he can shove his $30. >_> Yeah…I’m pretty much not gonna deal with prima donnas. He wanted $30 for a pic with him with YOUR camera. Even the scareacon volunteer didn’t seem to be too happy with him. She had my sympathy.
  • Dancing with special effects people.
  • Ignoring the Walking Dead table.
  • Hanging out with Joe Estevez and feeling like we were at a cook out. That dude is a riot and really down to earth!! We formed the Left handers club! Haha. Good Times!!
  • All the vendors of B-Movies!! I spent a majority of my cash on them.

I have a lot of emails and contacts that said they’d like to do interviews with me. So, I’m hoping to bring that into my Mercy’s Macabre Idea.

Also, I met a woman who set up a map of Haunted NY. I am thinking of eventually going to at least 15 of the places on the list with a paranormal investigative team to see if it’s really haunted and film it. Forget Ghost Adventures and Zakks hair gel. 😉

Wouldn’t that be fun??

I have all these ideas and projects in the works. But, I have trouble finding places to obtain interwebs. 😦

Hopefully that will be all fixed soon.

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