Mercy’s Macabre?

Greetings Devils & Ghouls.

I have been putting some thought in re-vamping my youtube and hosting movie nights like they used to back in the day. My goal is to get more comfortable with being creative and comfortable in front of a camera and an audience. I have had this thought for a long while now and I think since the idea has stuck with me… it’s time to roll with it!

I’ll keep updates along the way of when I’ll actually post a video of it. I want it to be as perfect as it can be for the first “episode”. Why? Because I’m quite tired of doing boring videos when I am fully capable of having a great video! This will help me brush up on my skills and be a better creator. In doing videos and music!

Demonic Refusal finally has a drummer. A good friend of ours has offered his time as our drummer and we’re looking forward to getting a jam session in soon.

Feedback from you readers would be appreciated.

Think I should go for it?

– Meryc

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