Carrie – 2013 – (RANT)


Dearest Devils & Ghouls,


Let me borrow a small bit of your time for me to rant. I enjoyed Stephen King’s book “Carrie”. I enjoyed the first version of “Carrie”.  Carrie 2 in 1999 was so-so and even the 2002 remake of Carrie was alright… But now they are making another Carrie. How many times will poor Carrie have to have pigs blood spilled on her at prom? How many times will poor Carrie have to go through the bullying and the insanity? How many times are we going to re-hash Carrie?! Even the book is small! It’s just like Texas Chainsaw massacre … how many times will kids find leather face? How many times will people claim that it was based off a true story when in fact it was loosely based off of Ed frickin Gein! >.<



– End rant –



Who were they?


Good evening. 

           Lately, I have been in a curious mood and lately something has been pulling me in a strange direction. My mother was adopted when she was a baby back in the late 60s. And due to health concerns, she has been looking for the records but is having trouble because it was a Catholic Agency. The curiosity is there mainly because all she knows of her parents were that they were young and in college for music and arts. Could this be where my love for these things stems? I know where I get it on my father’s side, but not my mom’s side. It’s strange that I’m not the one adopted yet I feel the urgency to find out. Every time I go out in public, I could be seeing one of my relatives. Did they ever make it into the music and art world? What is the other half of my bloodline? I know my fathers has German/Polish/Austrian. Who is the other half of me? 

       Is this normal for me to feel this way? Even though I know my parents? Why am I so curious? Why should I give a damn about this? Could it just be my interest in figuring out mysteries? I don’t know. But one thing is for sure, that I would like to know. Even through all I’ve been through, and even though my parents aren’t together nor do they speak to each other, I would still like to know. It would be nice to know, even if they never want to say hello. 


I just need to know where to start looking.



Sleepy Hollow 1999 (Review)





The Legend of Sleepy Hollow was one of the first stories I read as a little girl in elementary school. Everyone would grab their necks and hide between the bookshelves of the old school library. The scent of the musty pages as I became fascinated with the tale still lingers in my mind whenever I see Sleepy Hollow. In 1999, Tim Burton brought us Sleepy Hollow and I must say his version is by far the greatest version of this tale by far. Not to mention, that no little tween groups can make it into some lame and idiotic symbol for their angst and emo fandom … *cough cough* Nightmare Before Christmas*.


This was executed perfectly! Totally brought you into the time period of carriages, cobblestone streets, and a corrupt police system relying on Godly confessions instead of doing a full investigation. Ichabod Crane is always portrayed as a weak and silly school teacher, in this version he is a socially awkward, and eccentric constable who is fighting with the police force to start using scientific techniques to catch the true guilty citizens. Ichabod was sent by the judge (Sir Christopher Lee) to go to Sleepy Hollow to investigate the murders that were going on. The greatest thing about this movie is that it is rather dark and mysterious. The history of the families, the twists the turns, the witchcraft, the paranormal — All perfect for horror fanatics.

I’m actually quite addicted to this movie lately. Inspirational on so many levels and had the perfect cast.


Screenshot from

Screenshot from


Top 5 things great about this film:

– Time period is LEGIT.

– Perfect cast & believable as characters.

– Mysterious Aura.

– Comical.

– Addictive.


I’m glad there were no musical numbers in the film.

I rate this 10 Dead Babies.


– Mercy Desdemona


F. A. Q.


Devils and Ghouls,


Today I dug through my inbox to do one of my “fan” Q & A posts and a lot of people asked similar questions so I’m going to do an F.A.Q.


  1. Why vintage/classic horror? – I feel at home.
  2. What was it liking moving in with your boyfriend? – It was interesting. I was really used to being alone in my room and only having to buy things for one person, that it was kind of an annoyance to me at first, but after awhile that changed to simply not wanting him to go away. Because now it feels weird when he’s at work and I’m at home or vice versa. I think it strengthens your relationship. There are a lot more arguments but that’s normal and we talk a lot more about what we want to do in life.
  3. What do your parents think of you? – My parents find me strange and unusual, but they are proud of who I am.
  4. How can you go around in gothic clothing? Don’t you get bullied? – I march to the beat of my own drum and enjoy it.
  5. How old were you when you graduated high school? – I was 17 since my birthday is in such a weird place.
  6. Why haven’t you been blogging lately? I miss you 😦 – Reader, I miss you too. I haven’t been blogging lately because of the demands of life. But I am definitely returning full force with more blogs and videos.
  7. How is Demonic Refusal coming along? – It’s going great. We have two friends that are going to take turns being the drummers for the project and we have all this creative energy going to our music.
  8. Will you ever host contests or do how-tos? – Maybe. If I see more interaction from the audience, I shall.

Dear USA Government


Dear USA Government,

              I’m sorry but you guys are ridiculous. Stop playing he said/she said and get to work on turning this government thing on. We worker bees are getting a bit fed up with you guys. It must be nice to keep a damn paycheck that’s more than my college education while you put a lot of people in jeopardy not knowing whether they are going to eat, miss a bill, or have lights on in the morning. Maybe if you’d come out of your pompous castle you would see on main street, the beggar, the 40 year old working part- time flipping burgers, the war vets struggling to get by after YOU sent them to fight for this country, The 70 year old man cleaning windows outside of burger king because his wife is in the hospital and needs to pay his bills. The child that goes hungry because it’s parents can’t find a way to feed them unless they have to turn to illegal drug running, and they refuse because they don’t want that lifestyle. The old woman who is in the park homeless, eating bread with the ducks near the pond. The many people in my age group who are willing to work hard and but get turned down for jobs. The small business owner like me, who is struggling to open up and work hard to put food on my table, pay taxes, and my bills.  You guys act like this is a game… but it’s not. You guys are supposed to be the leaders of this nation. The President is supposed to be the father of our country. We are supposed to work together as a NATION and be proud of our country. I’m so ashamed of my government turning it’s back against it’s own people. We’re just dollar signs to you. We’re living, breathing human beings. Who never know when we’re gonna eat. 

I invite you to take a look at main street usa… Where mom and pop shops once filled the towns now all gone…. due to the corporate shops. I invite you to take a look at main street usa…. which looks dead…. we’re the fucking United States of America. There is NO reason we should be in this position… But you guys love the taste of greed… even if it costs a child his life.