F. A. Q.

Devils and Ghouls,


Today I dug through my inbox to do one of my “fan” Q & A posts and a lot of people asked similar questions so I’m going to do an F.A.Q.


  1. Why vintage/classic horror? – I feel at home.
  2. What was it liking moving in with your boyfriend? – It was interesting. I was really used to being alone in my room and only having to buy things for one person, that it was kind of an annoyance to me at first, but after awhile that changed to simply not wanting him to go away. Because now it feels weird when he’s at work and I’m at home or vice versa. I think it strengthens your relationship. There are a lot more arguments but that’s normal and we talk a lot more about what we want to do in life.
  3. What do your parents think of you? – My parents find me strange and unusual, but they are proud of who I am.
  4. How can you go around in gothic clothing? Don’t you get bullied? – I march to the beat of my own drum and enjoy it.
  5. How old were you when you graduated high school? – I was 17 since my birthday is in such a weird place.
  6. Why haven’t you been blogging lately? I miss you 😦 – Reader, I miss you too. I haven’t been blogging lately because of the demands of life. But I am definitely returning full force with more blogs and videos.
  7. How is Demonic Refusal coming along? – It’s going great. We have two friends that are going to take turns being the drummers for the project and we have all this creative energy going to our music.
  8. Will you ever host contests or do how-tos? – Maybe. If I see more interaction from the audience, I shall.

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