Paranormal Experiences

Hello my devils & ghouls.


There is always that debate whether ghosts are real or if there is a scientific explanation for everything. I for one, thing that a paranormal experience needs to be just that – experienced – before you can decipher. I have been dealing with paranormal experiences since I was a little kid. Today, I’m going to discuss a spirit in my house and the two rooms I call “Forbidden Rooms” because I don’t go in them due to how uncomfortable I feel. Not in the evil and afraid sense, but the sense that someone or something is constantly watching you.

In my house, my grandmother has two rooms for when she comes to visit. They include a bedroom and a small living room. She likes to call it “Grandmother’s Space.” Currently, my grandmother has returned to her home out of state and her rooms are empty. In her bedroom, she has a lot of religious artifacts up on her wall. Which, I don’t like at all. They feel like they are judging you even if you are doing something great for the family. In this room, she does not have any form of technology that could cause this – just an old fashioned alarm clock that doesn’t have the red digital numbers – and her clothing. At night, you can see a red orb existing in front of her calendar. It does not move.  The room gets cold at all times.

Her living room however, the temperature fluctuates — from a eerie cold to an eerie hot to normal and then back to the cold and hot. 3 people that have stayed in that room have reported a shadow walking passed the television. All three times, no one has been near the room nor was the television on. I decided to take a look at it myself. I have witnessed the temperature changes and the shadow figure walking by. It does not become bothersome. Just as if it’s doing an every day routine. The only eerie thing about the room is how you feel like you’re being watched. You feel and know that you aren’t alone.

My family has a lot of skeptics in it. Which is confusing since they’ll believe a man survived in a whale and Jesus came back to life but they won’t believe in the spirit realm. When I am home alone, you can hear footsteps of heavy boots and the steps of what seems to be a female in dress shoes. In my laundry room, I have seen a man walking through the hallway – seem to be wearing a very high class fashion, cape;cane;top hat;suit-  as if he’s going to a theater.


Sometimes… I wonder if these ghosts are here trying to show me how to succeed in my current path.



– Mercy desdemona

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