Dear Old Best Friend

Dear Old Best Friend,

I take a look now and see you were right. Things are better now that we don’t talk. For a long time, I tried to obtain your forgiveness. Mainly, because I was afraid to reach out to meet other people. You’re all that I knew. Then I met my boyfriend and I started to realize that my online social life wasn’t as important as my relationship. Here was a man I could accomplish my dreams with and spend my life with. Not only that, but I could finally not only count on the computer for my social life. I met his friends, had a good time. I started talking to some old pals of mine and made a few new ones in the process. I became 100% true to me. You made me an ugly monster. I was frightened to let you go because hell, I didn’t know what was going to happen. And after a mutual friend of ours tried to get us together the last time, I knew that it wasn’t worth it anymore.

– Mercy

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