Dear GOP

Dear GOP,

It’s been proven more than 100 times that you are a women hate group. Not all people that are republicans are like you (of course, not everyone is the same and those that are true and caring individuals, you have my sympathies for dealing with these people!). I just read an article on how “Abortion rates go down when contraceptives are free” – That’s just common sense. Yet, you guys argue that it’s not true. Yes. Abortion rates go down if contraceptives are made easily available. I don’t know what it is, you guys have the mentality of 8th grade boys when it comes to sex education.

Abstinence only education is more harmful than good. We need well educated young individuals to have well educated adults. Women need to have contraceptives available to them… and NOT all women get on them just for the sake of safe sex. There are also other reasons a woman would go on the pill.


– Mercy

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