Dear Pro-Lifers

Dear Pro-Lifers,

      I had no idea my uterus was public ground. That because I have a womanly structure, that makes me mentally unsound. Your Anti-Abortion antics, make me enraged inside and out. It doesn’t make me pro-abortion, but a pro-choice individual. I see it as none of my business. That individuals have a life path of their own. We aren’t all the same, in this life we call a game. I strongly believe we can make our own decisions. I certainly will not change my views, for your religions. 

    You are barely pro-life if you won’t help the living children and may I ask how many unwanted children you’ll be adopting? We are an over populated world, with so many young boys and girls, in foster care systems wanting family’s of their own. But out of my uterus I didn’t invite you. I certainly didn’t ask you to tea. I believe both men and women are equal. We’re both apart of humanity. No one is ruling over the other, but working in harmony. 

Dear Pro-Lifers,

May I ask why my uterus offends you? God Forbid a woman says “tampon” or “Period” and right away you cringe. Could it be that you’re still in grade school? And blush at such words? Couldn’t you just realize, banning abortion doesn’t stop it, it makes it unsafe for women’s lives. There are so many circumstances, where abortion should be a choice. You have no right to judge someone’s life path, unless you are walking their shoes.

Goodnight, Pro-Lifers.


– Mercy


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