Tent Vs. RV (Opinion)


Hello Creeps.

Today we’ll discuss my opinion on tent camping or camping in an RV. It seemed to be what is flooding my inbox lately so here it goes. I prefer the tent aspect over the R.V. Why? Because I like to randomly hike and put up the tent and sleep. I like to get away from all the hustle and bustle. I would only use an R.V. for a road trip… not camping. Camping to me is like rewinding time and going back to when settlers were finding places. Camping in a tent also gets you back into your what I call ‘true mind’. That is: The state of mind that isn’t overwhelmed by phone calls, businesses, problems, bills, etc. 

Imagination and creativity are stronger for me when i’m out in the tent than when I’m in my room. Plus, it’s a kind reminder that we are a part of nature too. That man has chosen to be “Civilized” and turn our backs on the beautiful world before us in exchange for paper money, competition, greed, hunger, anger, mental issues, bills, and stress. 

I suppose that’s all I have to say for now. Upcoming Blogs:

  • Hellraiser (original) Review
  • Classic Vs Remake
  • Band/Album Review

If you’ve got any films, bands, or albums you’d like me to review leave it in a comment! 




Scare-A-Con 2013!


Hello Creeps!

So, I decided to browse the web for some horror conventions and stumbled across Scare-A-Con! It is on Sept 12-15th (the 15th is my Birthday!) and I am definitely finding a way to go with my love! I took a look at the celebrity list and had to obtain the VIP! This would definitely make my birthday extra special and be a great trip for my love and I to do! 😀 

Here are some links for you ghouls:



– Mercy

Dear Postal Service


It has come to my attention that your tracking system sucks. It needs some coffee or maybe a nice back rub to get back into the swing of things. Packages I’ve ordered about a month ago still haven’t arrived. I wonder what I ever did to you postal service. I’ve paid my P.O. Box on time, and even use you for the items I sell. So why are you being a jerk? 

– Mercy

The Lost Boys: The Tribe (Review)




Hello Creeps. 

Since I haven’t done a review in so long, I thought I mine as well do one today. Today I am reviewing The Lost Boys: The Tribe. This movie was a complete joke and instead of being a sequel, it’s like a crappy remake of the original Lost Boys. They have the kids that go to their aunt’s house (i think.. either that or some deranged woman’s place) to live and this aunt does a fail at trying to be the silly grandpa from the original. 

The kids go to a party where they meet up with the vampires. The chick in the film gets seduced by the vampire and gets jiggy with it with the vampire dude during the crappy remake of “Cry Little Sister” by the band Aiden. The brother tries to say that there are vampires, they get the Frog brother, they go they hunt vampires the end.

What I see wrong with this… is sooo much! Honestly, they could have made a decent sequel or remake or whatever the fuck this thing was supposed to be! Hell! I could have done a better job creating it! This film is as if you take a bunch of preppy whine asses and shove them in a film and being all “Oh my god… ew.” 


I would rate this zero dead babies. A waste of time. Something you’d put on if you need a nap. 


Agh.. the movie sucks so much I can’t even be motivated to write this review….




Good day


– Mercy

Outdoor Jam Out


This is a silly jam out video that my love created when his pals were up for a weekend. My love is the one on bass, my brother on the black drum set and his friend on another. They were just messing around. I was talking in the background with his other buddies. But, I have a feeling I’ll be in the next jam out video.

– Mercy