Plans for 2013


I have set goals for myself in 2013. I have yet to do a damn one. Which is sort of…miserable. But, anyway – Revamping my list to do!

  • Tent Party 2013 – Party with a bunch of pals, live music, and camping!
  • Road trip 2013 – Go down to where my love is from and see all the places he wishes to show me.
  • First Tattoo – A birthday gift to me. I finally have the finalized version of my first tattoo sketched out. For me, this tattoo represents a milestone in my life. I look forward to getting it!
  • Break Loose – Get over my social anxiety! Stop fearing the world and take charge.
  • Play first gig – I want my band to get together and play their first gig! 
  • Purchase bass – Get a bass again. 
  • Graduate College – I got myself back into college! Now to finish up and graduate! Hopefully, this time around, I will network and make some friends. My love has told me that I should try too… so I will!
  • Create Positive Memories – I need some positive memories to look back on. This year marks the first year of a WHOLE NEW LIFE for me!

I want to start my life. Have great memories with my boyfriend, and friends. 

This life of just … wishing and dreaming has to stop. It has to move forward to achieving.

Good bye unstable life. Hello stable one.

– Mercy



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