Depression Update

Hey Creeps!

My depression and anxiety has been making a come back. So let’s see if I can listen to my own advice when it comes to this.

Below are the steps that I have started taking to get in control of my depression. I refuse anti-depressants – as all they do is make me a zombie and even more depressed. Nature is my force.


  • Depression Journal – Vent it out!
  • Creativity – Have a creative hour or 1/2 hour (depending on the day!) to let energy flow and allow brain to relax. Music and writing are my forms of meditation.
  • Walking – Going for a daily stroll with my beloved and have it not be about venting time.
  • Mirror Time – Giving myself positive feedback in the mirror.

Those are my beginning steps. Cheers to moving forward and battling this demon.

– Mercy


2 thoughts on “Depression Update

  1. I refuse to take the drugs too. They just dull the pain. The answer is exactly what you say, nature. Good luck to you. I hope you can get out from under your depression soon. It’s a miserable weight to be under.

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