Search for funding… continued

Definitely thinking of doing the music fest idea as a fundraiser. Already got the school’s music club to help out. Problem is ironing out the ideas, getting a date, venue, and flyers.

I still need a co-signer which is my major obstacle. Because let’s face it, if I even do raise money for this thing, I don’t know if it will be enough to do the renovations, get the equipment or the inventory. It may just be enough to pay my mortgage on the building. I need a back up plan.

I myself, qualify for equipment financing. But if I do that, I still won’t have money for inventory or renovations. 

So, I thought hey fundraise and use the equipment financing – No problem! Right? But whose to say this fundraiser will do the job? I mean, if I can make this business open for 3 months I could qualify for a line of credit by myself (supposedly). I am in a bind. My family needs this more than anything. 

I could check with the county chamber of commerce – they may tell me to see the SBA. And the SBA has done … well nothing but pretty much discriminate me for my age. After two years, I need something to show for myself. 

I’m honestly, in a bind. I don’t know of any co-signer. And that’s what’s bothering me. The co-signer is only temporary through this business I found. 3 months and the co-signer disappears. I need a co-signer because of my young age. Apparently, other young “entrepreneurs” used the business credit for a vacation in Tahiti. Not only that, but the fact I don’t ever use credit cards pretty much screws me over.  -_-

So.. .what should I do? I need something to get the doors open and the profits rolling in. I know this business is profitable because I did work there when it was open. I watched the trends and learned from it. 


I really need to get this on a roll. 

Here is the Igloo GoFundMe page if you care to take a look: Igloo GoFundMe!

– Mercy

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