We have to be the most selfish and harmful animals on this planet. Any others just go get their food, mate to keep their species alive, and only go to war when their territory is threatened.

Humans however – Are far too domesticated. We take soil, water, air for granted. We forget we are only animals and part of nature itself. We rely on clean soil and water to survive. We mate at an ugly rate to the point of over population. We are liars, haters, fueled by pain.

Two things I never understood in my whole life:

Why did those of white skin ever call the natives savages? When it’s the “domesticated” race that’s the savage.

If you are aware of the planet and have a connection and appreciation for it – You’re a tree hugger dirty hippy. If you are a person fueled by hate and greed, takes nature for granted and believes you’re above it instead of apart of it – You’re most likely the CEO of a corporation or a billionaire.


Don’t ever take our earth for granted. As it is a living thing such as you and I. And times, we forget that we will bring our own demise for harming the earth. The earth is a friend not an enemy. Yet we go to “conquer” it like it’s ours to even conquer. Humanity won’t be around forever. It will only be our doing to end our species.

Dinosaurs were top dogs for a while.

We’re the next dinosaurs.



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