Business Update- Express Business Lines!

Business Update

Hello Creeps. So, today I’m going to talk a little bit about what’s going up with my search for funding. I am working with a company call Express Business Lines. I was happy to get the call from them on Tuesday. I have to say, I’m already satisfied with their service so far. First thing I noticed was how upfront the people are. They tell you right away what you qualify for, what you don’t, and they break down the reasons why. They also tell you all options available to you in your specific case/situation. I do still need a co-signer, but I have two people that are willing to put their faith in me to create a successful business venture. The great thing I like about this company is that they reply FAST! Whether you leave a message for them via phone and they respond promptly with an e-mail or a responding telephone call. They are straight to the point, brutally honest (which I can respect!), and really tell you things that the SBA and Banks don’t tell you are available options for small businesses.

If you are in need of some funding I’d check them out: Express Business Lines

I have been working with them for 3 days and so far things are moving quickly and smoothly. I look forward to obtaining my necessary capital.


– Mercy

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