Business Judgement Day & Dream interpretation

Hello Creeps.

So, Monday is the day I can hopefully move forward with my business and save my family from potential doomsday. (which is coming along rather quickly) I will be talking with an underwriter from a company that offers a business line of credit. So far, so good. I’m both excited and nervous about what will become of the phone meeting and interview. In this interview, I have to defend my business plan and show why they should risk me when I have little to no credit. My younger brother is the only co-signer option I have but he’s 18 and has no credit what’s so ever. So, now I’m making homemade mac and cheese hoping that it will bring me good news tomorrow. I’m tired of the horrid news and want to move forward.

The dream I had last week about the positive Ouija board has been interpreted for me.

Positive Ouija Board: Your spirit guide was making an effort to talk to you and gain your attention. Shows that even though you have had hardship, good news and smooth sails are on the way. Hard work and efforts shall pay off despite major negativity.

Hopefully they are correct.


Blood & Guts

Mercy Desdemona

Unsuccessful Entertainment


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