Hello Creeps.

Let’s talk a little bit about the show Suspense that aired from 1949 – 1954. The show is basically early live television. It’s more like a play than an actual television show – since it is based off of a radio program! The stage designs and effects aren’t really prominent in this show becuase it focused more on the acting and play writing. I am not just a horror fan, but a mystery and thriller fan. Especially, the classic who-dun-its!

When watching the show it is in black and white. You can clearly see that it’s the beginning of live television with the audio, camera angles, and not to mention the acting. It’s not one of those over acted productions that you normally saw. It actually reminds me of silent films if they were talkies. The look, the over acted facial expressions – definitely see a good amount of influence from the early films.

The stories are really intriguing. As if you’re reading a gigantic story book! Me being the book worm that I am, I was instantly attracted to that fact.

For my Creeps that are interested in checking out an episode, I have it conveniently placed below:






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