Views on Fan Made Videos

I always enjoy seeing fellow fans such as myself put in the effort to cover a song or even make a tribute video to those that inspired them to be on the stage or in the field they pursue. They don’t condone stealing the music or media of which they use. When a fan takes video at a concert they go to and post it up, it’s not because they wanna steal it’s their way of paying tribute. Majority of the time (I’m speaking from self experience), fans save up to get every box set, album, vinyl, DVD etc of the people they support. We are the promoters of these idols we watch from afar. These people that made us feel at home when the rest of the world would just spit in our face.

We do a better job than commercials on television and posters in shops. We talk about every bit of information with people we bump into and friends, family, etc. And from there is travels — like that game of “telephone” we play in elementary school.


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