Anti-Valentine’s Day!

I am rather negative towards Valentine’s Day, even though I’m with my love. I’ve never been one to enjoy the pink, the cheesy hallmark cards nor the creepy heart shaped boxes of candy. (The candy I will gladly nom though!) The thing is, You don’t need a corporate holiday to show someone you adore them. It’s not about what sales are on in time for the holiday. It’s about cherishing each day and moment like it would be your last. Living to the fullest with your love or friends or whomever you’re with at the moment. And to those that claim to be “forever alone”, you aren’t. Because it’s time to concentrate on you!

Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day Creeps!

Remember, this holiday is useless and only there to line the corporate C.E.O.s with more money. It’s better to take a random day out of the year and make it your own Valentine’s Day.

Today we just don’t know what to do with ourselves! So tomorrow we’re going to have a lovely night on the town.



2 thoughts on “Anti-Valentine’s Day!

  1. I agree with the “corporate holiday” BS! I myself didnt buy a V-day card or anything..we worked “BAU” (business as usual) and did it together. If you’re with the right person, then every day is “Valentine’s Day” Enjoy

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