Women in Music

Warning: This post is brutally honest and to the point.

I am a young woman that is a musician. I can count on one hand how many females I look up to in the Metal world. A majority of my idols are men in the field. The other day I was discussing with my boyfriend our idols and that is where I came to this realization. My vocal idols are mainly men. Doro being the only woman I can really say I look up to. Others are all men.

I set pretty high standards for myself. I like to have a goal on how to improve my abilities so I can be the best that I can be. When I see what is considered a “woman” in music, I basically want to face palm myself. These “women” aren’t real women at all. They are young girls that are the voice for women. Which is sad and pathetic. There are a lot of women out there with the guts, blood, sweat, tears, and raw power out there that don’t get the props they deserve because they don’t act like a poster chick.

Mercy’s definition of a poster chick: A girl in music that uses her body to gain attention even though she has poor abilities or abilities that don’t reach their full potential because they’d rather “slut up” for posters and be someone’s fap material.


You don’t need to be a poster chick if you’ve got raw power to you. You don’t need to compete for sexiest metal queen nor compete for best looking person on earth. Music isn’t a beauty contest. If it were, we’d have fucking pageants.

Doro is proof you needn’t slut up:

As for people that are truly in the music for their love, they will give their all. Showing off your boobs and ass to everyone on the planet doesn’t make you popular because you’re “talent” is awesome. It’s because you walk around like some playboy bunny looking for some tail.

Ladies, run with your talent. Your body isn’t for sale. You want to be taken seriously, then prove you’ve got what it takes. Don’t try to get by on life with looks. Looks fade, a true talent lasts forever.


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