Take Control

People like to judge others from the outside without attempting to understand the inside. They don’t attempt to question why you seem stressed or angry. When you’re a strong individual and show a sign of emotion – you’re viewed as a whiny child. When in reality – it’s you being human. Not any less strong – but showing humanity. We aren’t superheroes. We break. We cry. The strong get up and keep on going while the weak stay in their darkness.

Take control. Don’t take things for granted. Don’t take advantage of the ones around you. Keep a sense of loyalty. Friends come and go as the years pass. But family is there through everything. A family doesn’t have to be just blood.  But those that NEVER leave the pack. You get frustrated with them. Yet you have a bunch of laughs in the end. No matter how mad you get — you get a sense of worry after you blow up at each other. Because in the end you actually care.

Being strong doesn’t mean to be cold-hearted and uncaring. It means that you care a great deal and have a super big heart. You bend backwards to see those close to you succeed and you get angry when you can’t push forth and help.

Being strong is about taking control and not running like a coward. Don’t worry about those that leave they aren’t supposed to be in your life. Only worry for those that stay. They are the ones that will have your back no matter how long you don’t speak or whatever you’re going through.

Take control. Stay strong.

Blood, Guts, Wisdom,

– Mercy Desdemona



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