The Art of Urban Exploration

Urban Exploration isn’t immature people going around vandalizing old structures and taking what they can get for some petty cash. Urban Exploration is an art form. An adventure into the depths of modern ruins, where we can sense the ghosts of it’s past. I myself enjoy exploration. It’s a relaxing activity for me and it helps me with my photography hobby:

What I love the most about exploration is the inspiration for my music and other creative endeavors. I can hear the voices of people past as I go about different rooms snapping photos and enjoying the beauty of the structure. We don’t sit down enough and admire the beauty of nature as it claims it’s place through the floorboards and eventually devour the structure. It’s amazing what nature can do when we humans don’t tamper with it. Exploration to me is a very spiritual moment. Where the worlds of our mother nature and mankind collide in an interesting manner.

People often confuse explorers for vandals because there are some immature twits that label themselves “explorers” when in fact all they are – small minded, immature individuals with a spray can with an ego higher than the sky.

Does my exploration hobby have an effect on personal relationships? Well, my boyfriend is a fellow explorer so we are planning some good endeavors when spring breaks. My family only tells me to be careful and they worry one day I won’t come back from one. Friends – they ditch because they don’t understand the hobby. That’s fine. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Naturally, there are dangers when going into these places. So, do proceed with caution. If your gut tells you not to – Don’t. It won’t make you a coward nor any less of the bad ass you think you are if you use proper judgement. Always make sure to have another individual with you. Not everyone feels the need to – but in some cases it can be helpful. Always remember to take only photos and leave only footprints.


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